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The Early de HAMPTON’S - continued (page 3)

    |  |  |-5. Thomas DE HAMPTON (another son of Richard Gervase de Hampton)  - and there was a Thomas de Hampton in Shropshire, 1337:   Grant with a reserved rent.  1514/379  6 October 1337 Ondeslow Monday after the feast of St. Michael II Edward III - Thomas de Hampton and Juliana his wife who was daughter of William de Bigdoun grants to Agnes their daughter a messuage and curtilage and virgate of arable land in the township of Ondeslow, to Agnes and her legitimate heirs, of the chief lords of the fee for due services, paying to the grantors while they live 40/l, at the Purification 20/- and at Michaelmas 20/-. They can distrain for non-payment.   Witnesses: Fulk de Albirbury, Robert gogh, Edmund de Longdon, Richard de Hampton, John Dodde.     Also:   D938/112  [12 Feb. 1343] 1. Richard de Wolaston, chaplain, 2. Thomas Cradok of Admundeston, and Margery, dau. of Thomas de Hampton, his wife Feoffment of all that ½ virgate with appurts. in COLTON, with houses, gardens and curtilage adjoining that Richard first had of gift and feoffment of same Thomas Cradok. To hold of chief lords of fee by service due. Indefault of issue, then to right heirs of said Thomas Cradok.    Witnesses Richard lord of Blythefeld, Robert son of John de Colton, Thomas de Hampton, Richard de Hampton, John son of John de Hampton and others.   [I know nothing else about this Thomas de Hampton]
 Thomas married Juliana.
      We know one daughter was Margery DE HAMPTON - married Thomas CRADOCK of Admundeston

And this leads to a working hypothesis of mine....that they had a son named RALPH, and that here we have our line of Hampton’s (that lead to the US).   

     |  |  |-5. Nicholas DE HAMPTON (last named son of Richard Gervase de Hampton)      
Have seen a paper at: http://www.swco.ttu.edu/location/Manuscripts/hampton/pdfs/Box2/Hampton_Box2_Folder008-001.pdf

that states Richard Gervais had two daughters, one Alice, the other "Nichola"   - but  I can find no record of a Nichola.   However, Nicholas is named as a son in Shaw’s piece.  And I can find record of Nicholas:   Collections for a History of Staffordshire:  Legal document from Blithfield mentions both Ralph de Hampton and Nicholas de Hampton (in Latin):   "Ex dono Jacubi de Blithfield quemdam boscum in Blithfield,vocatum le Frith. S. p. et. f. quod ego James (sic) de Blithefeld dedi, &c., Deo et ecclesie Scti Thome martyris juxta Stafford, et canonicis regularibus, &c., pro salute anime mee et meorum antecessorum et successorum, in puram, &c., elemosinam quemdam boscum in Blithfeld, qui apellatur " Le Frith" cum omnibus pertinentiis suis infra has divisas contentum videlicet, in longum per viam regiam que ducit a Blithfeld usque Stafford, et a predicta via directen sque ad assartum Swani fabri, et ab eodem assarto usque ad assartum RADULPHI de HAMPTON, et ab eodem assarto usque ad assartum NICHOLAI de HAMPTON, et ab assarto dicti Nicholai usque ad assartum Roberti Pas, et ab assarto Roberti Pas usque ad eampum de Blithfeld  (etc).    Can find no date.  
     |  |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |  |  +-6. Nicholas (II) DE HAMPTON -  Nicholas Hampton of Willenhale granted to Walter Madeley, chaplain, William in le Loue & Richard Jurdan a piece of land in W. (Seal, red wax, on a tag)  DCR/35/8/7  1403 Mar. (Mon. 26th after Annune. 4 Henry 4) .      Places named: WOLVUEHAMPTON,  Staffordshire documents  [no ref. or date], Admaston  [no ref. or date]   [no title]  3764/1  early 14th cent: Gift by Thomas prior of Canwell and the convent of that place to NICHOLAS son of NICHOLAS de HAMPTON of an acre of land with appurtenances in Admundeston [Admaston] lying in Homeleye under Wyrdeshay namely that acre which they hold by name of escheat through the felony of William Griffin their tenant: annual rent of 1d.   Witnesses: RALPH de HAMPTON, William Atteas of Colton, Richard de Wolaston, John de Hampton, Robert de Hampton, clerk, and others.

    |  |  +-5. Alice DE HAMPTON (living 1313 & 1343) (daughter of Richard Gervase de Hampton) -   Alice the wife of Robert Holbarive (6 Edward II - ca; 1313).    1343:   ALICE, daughter of RICHARD de HAMPTON, who brought an assize of novel disseisin against RICHARD de HAMPTON, respecting tenements in Blithefeld and Colton, did not appear to prosecute it, and she and her sureties, viz., Robert de Rideware and Walter de Houton aqree 'in misericordia.'     15-16 Edward IIII - Staffordshire
    |  |    sp: Robert HOLBARIVE

     |  |-4. William (I) DE HAMPTON (son of Gervase) was born about 1257 - Omerods History of Cheshire, Broxton Hundred, Bickerton:    The HAMPTONs are the first lords that appear in any regular document, [but it is most probable that the family bearing the local name were really the first mesne lords.] 2 Edw. II. (1309) WILLIAM de HAMPTON was sued by Hugh de Bickerton, and Ellen, widow of William de Bickerton, for a reasonable portion of 400 acres of various kinds of land in Bickerton. From the Hamptons the manor passed to the family of MALPAS of Hampton, as mentioned in that township, and descending with that manor to the Egertons, is now possessed by [the nephew and present heir of] sir John Grey-Egerton, bart. [viz. sir Philip de Malpas Grey-Egerton, bart. M.P. /  Lichfield Parliamentary :  1313 (1) Reginald le Budel, WILLIAM de HAMPTON
    |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |  |-5. William (II) DE HAMPTON of Egge - 1283:   WILLIAM, son of WILLIAM de HAMPTON, was among a list of those who were at an inquisition to decide whether it would be to the damage of the king if he should grant that the Lady Ela, Countess of Warwick, may give to the Abbess of Lacock 1 messuage and 12 virgates of land in Hackerop [they decided it would damage the king].   12 Edward I, October 10 writ.   1308 - William de Hampton witnessed grant in fee by Hangecartta wife of David le Costentin to Richard her son, of all her part of one place of land in BLAKINHWLL in the township of GREAT EGGE with a third of her heath and waste there.   1310 – grant in fee by Randle son of David de Eggerton to Patrick and John, his sons, of all his lands in the township of LARKETON, that is to say a third part of the whole township, with his title to the mills and waters of EGGE, rendering to John de Larketon, for Larketon, 2 pence of silver, and to Roger de Malopassu and the heirs of William de Hampton for common of wood in Hampton, 1 pence of silver and 1 arrow, and to the heirs of Eign(on) de Grenlegh and the heirs of Konric son of Madoo 3 pairs of white gloves for the waters and mills of Egge, at the foast of St. Oswald King and Martyr.    1327 – grant in fee by William son of David le Costyntyn to William son of Wronov de le Lee, of 1 place of land lying between le Beche and the lands of WILLIAM de HAMPTON and abutting on the lands of the said William son of Wronov in EGGE.   1327 – grant in fee by Richard son of David le Costyntyn to William son of Wronov de Lee, of 1 selion lying in breadth next to the lands of John le Costyntyn and in length between the said Richard's land and that of William de Hampton, in EGGE.
    |  |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |  |  +-6. Margaret DE HAMPTON (supposition-see notes) – Feb 24, 1359/60:   QUITCLAIM by Ellen daughter of John le Rymour to Henric de Cholmundelegh, of her title to the capital messuage in MALOPASSU which belonged to the said John her father and in which he dwelt, and to two crofts lying next to the said messuage which the said John and MARGARET her mother had by gift of WILLIAM de HAMPTON.   Witnesses: Philip de Eggerton, David son of William del Malpas, John Rathebon, Kenric Pecok and John de Golborne.
Given at Malupassu, the Monday in the feast of St. Mathias the Apostle, 34 Edward III.
               |  |  |    sp: John LE RYMOUR - 20 March 1315/16 - Roger Sprenghose lord of Astwalle has attorned JOHN son of HERBERT le RYMOUR of Rusbury to pay annually 3/- annual rent to Symon son of William de Brome or his heirs for the life of the said John which he used to pay to Roger p.a. for the lands and tenements which the said John hold for his life in the township and fields of Rusbury.     1331 - QUITCLAIM by Sir John de Sancto Petro, Lord of Pekforton, to JOHN le RIMOR son of William de Huldithes and Margaret his wife and their heirs, of his title to a messuage and curtilage in the township of MALOPASSU which the said John formerly held of him at farm, at an annual rent of 12d.   Witnesses: Sir Walter de Hopton (could that have been Hampton?), Kt., Davit de Eggerton, Robert de Huxlegh, William de Malopassu and John de Rathebon.
    |  |  |     +-7. Ellen LE RYMOUR – 1360:  LEASE for 10 years by John son of Geoffrey de Pylatonhale and ELLEN daughter of JOHN le RYMOUR, his wife, to Kenric Pecok, of a moiety of their share in the windmill which belonged to William le Rymour in LE MALPAS, at an annual rent of a grain of pepper. Witnesses: Philip de Eggerton, Richard de Cholmundelegh, David son of William del Malpas, David de Wygelond and Kenric de Cholmundelegh. - Given at Malpas, the Tuesday in the feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 34 Edward III.

          - 6. (other possible children of William de Hampton II of Egge - sons):   1334-1337  mentioned in various deeds at Wrottesley, is mentioned Monsz. JOHAN de HAMPTON Chivaler (John); also RICARDO de HAMPTON (Richard); and WILLIAM le Neweman de HAMPTON, who witnessed a deed (and was obviously of age at the time)

    |  |  +-5. Robert DE HAMPTON  (son of Wm) -  1340/1, 8. Jan:   GRANT in fee by William de Hampton to Robert de Hampton his brother, of all his lands and tenements in HAMPTON, BYKERTON, EGGE, MALPAS and CUDINTON, an annual rent of 2L issuing from 4 lands in LE MALPAS which John le Rimor and Margaret his wife hold of him, an annual rent of 2d. issuing from lands and tenements which Richard son of William de Cudinton holds of him in CUDINTON, an annual rent of 10d. issuing from lands and tenements which Madoo de Cudinton holds of him in CUDINTON, and all lands and tenements which Katherine his mother holds in the said townships in name of dower, which should revert to him after her death; to the said Robert for life. Witnesses: John de Eggerton, William de Malpas, William de Stooton, Hugh de Bykerton and Patric de Larketon.
Given at Hampton, 8. Jan., 1340.

    |  |-4. (others) DE HAMPTON -     -----------------------------------------------------  OXFORD HAMPTON'S - 1308:    Inrolment (sic) of evidences concerning Arthur hall and Hert hall, situated in the parish of St. Peter in the East, and conveyed to Walter de Stapledon, bishop of Exeter; for the foundation of his collect, viz:    A)   Agnes de Staunton, widow, quit-claims to John de Doklington all her right in a tenement which she had by the gift of Alice….in the parish of St. Peter in the East, Oxford.  Witnesses:  William de Burcestre and JOHN DE HAMPTON, then bailiffs of Oxford.  Dated at Oxford the Thursday on the feast of St. Mark, evangelist, 1 Edward II (cal 1308)
    |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |  +-5. Clement DE HAMPTON (working hypothesis) (d.by 1334) - "Besides this family of the Hamptons which I have spoken of there were others of this name about the town, as CLEMENT de HAMPTON and HENRY his son, whose daughter and heir Margery about the temp Edward I brought their estate to the family of Levesuius."  1334:   Staff. Roger de Trescote, Richard Levesone, and Warin de Trescote, executors of the will of Clement de Hampton, sued John, son of John de Kynewaston, and Alan atte Holt for a debt of 50s. The defendants did not appear, and the Sheriff was ordered to distrain and produce them at the Octaves of St. Hillary.
    |  |      sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |     |-6. Henry DE HAMPTON - 1293:   Henry son of Clement de Hampton, Geoffrey de Bylston, Clericus, Robert atte ho of Bradeleye, Richard Gerveys of Hampton, John in la Lone of the same, Nicholas de Trescote of the same, Simon son of Clement of Hampton, Thomas son of Simon de Bradele, and others, were sureties to produce John son of Robert atte ho on the first day, and they did not produce him. They are therefore in misericordiâ. m. 34, dorso.  21 Edward I [1293]
    |  |     |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |     |  +-7. Margery DE HAMPTON - CLEMENT de HAMPTON and HENRY his son, whose daughter and heir Margery about the temp Edward I brought their estate to the family of Levesuius."
    |  |     +-6. Simon DE HAMPTON (son of Clement)  - SIMON de HAMPTON, chaplain, and Thomas Porter, citizen of London, and Anne, his wife. Premises in the parish of St. Mary Matefelon, without the Bar of Alegate, London.

    |  +-4. Hugh DE HAMPTON (working hypothesis as a son of Gervase) - It is important to note that in 1314 HUGH de HAMPTON sued Anselm le Mareschal and others for tenements located near Colton Manor, on the southern boundary of the parish on Lord Lichfield's land, near Stafford.   So Hugh and his family were in Stafford[shire], as attested by many deeds that mention them.    1283-4:    BANCO ROLL, Michaelmas, 11—12 E. I.  Staff.   Margaret the widow of HUGH de HAMPTON sued RALPH son of HUGH de HAMPTON for a third of a messuage and a carnéate of land in Hampton near Blythefeud, and she sued Richard Parson of the Church of Gretewyz for a third of five acres, and Robert de Hampton for a third of two acres in the same vill as her dower. And the defendants had been summoned to be at Salop at fifteen days from St. John the Baptist, and they made default, and the dower claimed was taken into the King's hands, and they were summoned for this day, and they now came, and Margaret claimed the dower by their default.   And Ralph and Robert denied they were ever summoned to be at Salop at the Quindene of St. John the Baptist, and they are prepared to defend it by their testimony as the court should think fit. It is therefore considered that they should wage their law against her (vadiarent ei Irgem duodécima manu.),1 and they are to come with their compurgators the (legibus) at the Quindne of St. Martin.
    |      sp: UNKNOWN
    |     |-5. Ralph DE HAMPTON – Ralph witnessed deeds in Staffordshire in March 1299;  Oct 1316;  1322:  the lord Richard prior of St. Thomas by Stafford and Convent, to John son of Hugh de Boulde
Indenture of lease of 3ac. 3r. of land in DREYGGETONHEET upon Blakehalone, lying between land of Ralph de Hampton and of Felicia de Bromleye;    Feb 1343 and Oct 1355 -  witnessed deeds;
     |     |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |     |  |-6. Adam DE HAMPTON -   ABBOTS BROMLEY parish  [no ref. or date] [no title]  D938/30  late 13 century 1. William, son of Robert le Turnur of Hayteleg 2. RALPH de HAMPTON and ADAM, son of Ralph - Feoffment in fee simple to them and heirs of Adam, 1 ac. of land and meadow in BROMLEY BAGOT lying upon the 'Moos' next to land that said Ralph, had of gift of said William Turner. To hold of chief lord of fee by service.
    |     |  +-6. Hugh (2nd) DE HAMPTON  -   D938/554  [early 14 cent] 1. Richard son of Warin Rufus de Drengthon 2. Prior and Convent of St. Thomas the Martyr by Stafford:  Quitclaim, in free alms, all rights in 7ac. in DRENGETHON, with appurts. that Henry called Rufus, uncle of Richard, once held there of said Prior and Convent, and of said canons and bequeathed, with his body, to same canons and the house.
Witnesses the lord Robert de Kavereswall, Walter de Haghenegath, Richard lord of Orberton, Richard Geri of same vill, Thomas de La Le, William of same vill, RALPH de HAMPTON, HUGH his son and others.
    |     +-5. John DE HAMPTON (son of Hugh)  – Staffordshire :    D938/113  [10 Apr. 1351] 1. Robert son of Richard de Styvynton,  2. William son of Nicholas Robyn of Admundeston:  Gift in fee simple of 1 selion of land with appurts. in fee of COLTON (Colton, p.339 but not 1352 as there dated), 1 a. lying in Hertewallefeld, between land of Thomas Cradok of Styvynton and land of John son of John de Hampton, abutting upon the headland formerly of John, lord of Blithefeld.   Witnesses John de Styvynton, JOHN son of JOHN de HAMPTON; RICHARD son of JOHN son of HUGH de HAMPTON, John Le Brok de Admundeston, William le Brok of Admundeston and others.
    |         sp: UNKNOWN
    |        +-6. Richard DE HAMPTONRichard, son of John, mentioned in the deed of 10 April 1351.   In about the time of King Edward III the Parish of Blithfield contained five townships; namely: Blithfield, Admaston, Newton, Bold (or Booth, as it was then called), and Hampton.
    |     +-5  Robert de HAMPTON (working hypothesis another son of Hugh)    1326:   Richard de Blithfield, having the estate of ROBERT de HAMPTON "in the wood called Little-hay," in Colton, conveys it by a further deed to Robert de Luttle-hay, with rights of herbage, etc.   The new owners retained possession until Elizabeth, daughter of Richard de Blithfield, married Sir Ralph Bagot who carried "Little-hay," together with Blithfield into the hands of the Bagots.      The Family of Bagot were possessed of Lands, and seated in the county of Stafford, before the Conquest; though no absolute proof is to be adduced till the general Survey of Estates, made by command of William the Conqueror, A.D. 1086, when they are recorded as possessors of a moiety of Bagot's Bromley, which they held of Robert de Stafford.”   

     +-3. William DE HAMPTON (son of Stephen) (died abt 1246-9) (died not long before November 1249) - About 1222 WILLIAM de HAMPTON sold Oseney Abbey his mill in Hampton with a croft and arable and meadow land. Within the next few years the abbey received other gifts of lands and rents from William and his tenants, and in 1279 possessed two water-mills and over 4 virgates of land.   Early in the 13th century WILLIAM of HAMPTON on account of his debts to the Jews was obliged to part with some of his valuable meadow-land, his mill, and fishery as well as arable land and the miller's cottage.  His grant to Oseney and other Oseney charters dated between 1220 and 1234 throw some light on economic affairs at Hampton at this time.  No record of the church at Hampton Poyle has been found before about 1225, when the rector Simon witnessed a charter for the lord of the manor, William de Hampton.    The manor of EAST WELLOW was held of the king at the time of the Domesday Survey by Agemund, who had previously held it as an alod of King Edward. At the beginning of the 13th century the manor was held of the king in chief by STEPHEN de HAMPTON.  WILLIAM de HAMPTON, son and heir of Stephen, granted his estate in East Wellow, about 1242, to the Abbot and convent of Netley.
      sp: Alice - In the following year [1243] Denise the widow of Stephen gave up her right to dower in the manor,  and Laurence de Coldecot, with the consent of his wife, Mabel daughter of William de Hampton, gave up to the abbey everything which Mabel had, or in the future might have, of the grant of her father in Wellow.   When William de Hampton died, not long before November 1249, his widow Alice brought actions against the abbot for dower in both the estates at Wellow.   
        |-4. Mabel DE HAMPTON - On 27 October 1243 the abbot of Edwardstowe for 8 marks secured a charter from Lawrence de Goldecot, husband of William de Hampton's daughter Mabel, which, with Mabel's assent, barred all her rights in the estate that William had granted the abbey.    This charter adds that Mabel had issued her own confirmation of her father's charter, and had handed over this charter and her own to the abbey.
       +-4. Stephen (2nd) DE HAMPTON (died 1252) - When William de Hampton died, not long before November 1249, his widow Alice brought actions against the abbot for dower in both the estates at Wellow.   The abbot successfully vouched to warrant him the abbot of Leicester, who had to supply Alice with lands worth 11s 8d in Leicestershire, and William's son and heir STEPHEN de HAMPTON (in respect of the manor); as Stephen now had insufficient lands left in Hampshire, he had to supply Alice with 9s ½ d worth of his lands in Oxfordshire.   In 1166 HAMPTON manor was held in chief as 1 knight's fee by Philip of Hampton (de Hanton'), who was succeeded in 1182 by his son Stephen,  in 1220 by his grandson William, and in 1246 by his great-grandson Stephen. STEPHEN died in 1252 leaving an estate held in chief as ½ knight's fee.  His heir was his daughter Alice, an infant.
           sp: UNKNOWN
          +-5. Alice DE HAMPTON – an infant when her father Stephen died.   Stephen died in 1252 leaving an estate held in chief as ½ knight's fee.  His heir was his daughter Alice, an infant whose wardship, after passing through several hands, was granted to Walter de la Poyle, who had married her by 1267.  After Walter's death in 1298 Alice continued to hold the manor of 'Hamptone Stevene' as her own inheritance.  The date of her death is uncertain, but she survived her son John, who inherited Walter's Surrey estates and died in 1317.  John's elder son and successor John died in 1332. (By 1335 Henry de la Poyle, brother and heir of the younger John, was in possession of Hampton Poyle.
             sp: Walter DE LE POYLE (founded Poyle-Hampton Family) ‘History of Hampton Poyle, co Oxford’ -  Until at least 1267, when Walter de la Poyle became lord, the village was called 'Philipeshamton' or 'HAMPTON STEPHANI' after its 12th-century lord and his descendants.

Alice’s descendants, as I know them:
1. Alice (Alicia) DE HAMPTON (b.Cal 1252 d.by 1349-(poss. in Oxfordshire,1328 she was Patron of the Church there))
sp: Sir Walter DE LA POYLE  (PAULLE) -knight (founded Hampon-Poyle Family) (d.1298/1299)
 +-2. (Sir) John DE LA POYLE (b.between 1273 and 1275-[age 24 in 1299] d.1317-(poss. in Surrey) [Inquisition 11 Edward II - cal 1318])
   sp: Isabel
     |-3. (Sir) John DE LA POYLE [heir - died abt age 27, s.p.] (b.Cal 1304-[age 14 at his father's Inquisition,11 Edward II] d.[by 1331])
    | sp: Mabilla (Mabill)  [living 1331] (widow of Sir John)
    |-3. Henry DE LA POYLE [died 1359] (d.1359-"in parts beyond the sea in the 33d of King Edward III")
    | sp: Elizabeth SHARESHULL
    |  |-4. (Sir) Thomas DE LE POYLE [died 1402-no issue] (b.Cal 1340-[age 19 in 1359] d.[by Oct] 1402-[properties in Guildford,Stoke,and Chudingfield])
    |  | sp: Katherine (Catherina)  (d.1407-[Inquisition 8 Henry IV - cal 1407])
    |  +-4. John DE LE POYLE [died  1423] (d.31 Oct 1423)
    |    sp: Elizabeth  (dau. Banastre de com Salopo)
    |     +-5. Henry (2nd) DE LE POYLE (d.(predeceased his father))
    |       sp: Elizabeth WARNER (dau of Robert Warner)
    |        +-6. Robert DE LE POYLE (died 1466-no issue] (b.Cal 1420 d.1466)
    |-3. Margery DE LA POYLE [living 1359]
    | sp: John (I) DE GAYNESFORD of Crowhurst [living 1331-1348]
    |  +-4. John (II) DE GAYNESFORD [living 1358]
    |    sp: Christina
     |     +-5. John (III) GAINESFORD (GAYNESFORD) [living 1417]
    |       sp: (unknown)
     |        |-6. John (IV) DE GAYNESFORD "Senior" [died 1450] (d.Ob. 19th July, 1450-Crowhurst,Co. Oxon.)
    |        | sp: Margaret DE LA POYLE (dau of Poyle of Poyle)
    |        |  |-7. Sir John (V) DE GAYNESFORD "Junior" Knight of the Shire 31 Hen. VI., 1452 (d.7 Jul 1460-Crowhurst,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  | sp: Anne WAKEHURST (dau of Richard Wakehurst)
    |        |  |  |-8. Sir John (VI) DE GAYNESFORD [knight, 1466 - died 1491] (b.Cal 1436/1437-(under 24 in 1460)-(probably at Hampton Poyle,Oxford) d.1491)
    |        |  |  | sp: Anne WORSLEY (dau of Otwell Worsley)
    |        |  |  |  |-9. John (VII) DE GAYNESFORD (6 wives-20 children) (d.1543-Guildford (near which is the Manor of Poyle))
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Katherine COVERT [1st wife] (dau of William Covert, of Sussex )
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Anne DE GAYNESFORD (m. Randall, of Badlesmere)
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Ann HAUT (dau of Richard Haut)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Mary DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Katherine DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Anne DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Rose DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Anne FIENNES (no issue) (bu.Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Johanna POLIVER (dau of John Poliver, of London)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Dorothy DE GAYNESFORD (m. Carwithen)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Joan DE GAYNESFORD (a Nun)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Cicely DE GAYNESFORD (a Nun)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Thomas DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  | sp: Agnes AILOFF (dau of Wm.  Ailoff)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |-11. John DE GAYNESFORD (an idiot)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  +-11. Anne DE GAYNESFORD (m. William Forster) (d.18 Jan 1591)
    |        |  |  |  |  |    sp: William FORSTER
    |        |  |  |  |  |     +-12. (Sir) John FORSTER
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Etheldreda (or Audrey) SHAWE (dau of Sir John Shawe)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Audrey DE GAYNESFORD (m. Sir George Harper)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. (4 other daughters) DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. John (VIII) DE GAYNESFORD (died s. p.)
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Grace WARHAM
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. Erasmus DE GAYNESFORD (bu.16 Apr 1582-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  | sp: Jane CARLETON
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |-11. John (IX) GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |  |  | sp: Johanna CHOLMLEY (dau of Richard Cholmley)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |-12. Erasmus (II) GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (d.19 Sep 1672)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  | sp: Elizabeth DAYNE (had 11 children)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Joane GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.11 Feb 1644)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Anna GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (twin) (a.18 Nov 1646-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Susan GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (twin) (a.18 Nov 1646-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon. bu.28 Mar 1673-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. John GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (twin) (b.5 Jan 1647)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | sp: Ann  (bu.3 Mar 1671)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | sp: Marsabella
     |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-14. John GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (died a baby) (a.24 Mar 1673-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon. bu.14 Apr 1673-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-14. Erasmus (IV) GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.19 Jul 1674)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-14. Mirabella GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.1 May 1676)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-14. John GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.13 Aug 1680)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  +-14. Gilies GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.7 Aug 1681)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Elizabeth GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (twin) (died age 20) (b.5 Jan 1647 bu.29 Aug 1667)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Erasmus (III) GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (died a baby) (a.22 Aug 1650-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon. bu.17 Apr 1652-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Jane GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.21 Sep 1651-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon. bu.9 Jan 1674-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Frances GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (died a baby) (bu.15 Mar 1652-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |-13. Marie GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (a.31 Jul 1653)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  +-13. Frances (2nd) GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (b.9 Jul 1656)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |  +-12. Nicholas GAINSFORD (GAYNESFORD) (working hypothesis) (b.[about 1625] d.25 Jan 1705)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |    sp: Margaret BUTLER (d.19 Aug 1691)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |-11. Frances DE GAYNESFORD (a.9 Sep 1568-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |-11. Joyce DE GAYNESFORD (died a child) (a.14 Nov 1573-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon. bu.21 Mar 1580-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |  +-11. Gyles DE GAYNESFORD (a.24 Jun 1577-Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |  |-10. George DE GAYNESFORD (died without issue)
    |        |  |  |  |  +-10. Arthur DE GAYNESFORD (died without issue)
    |        |  |  |  |-9. Joyce DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Ralph LEIGH of Stockwell, Surrey
    |        |  |  |  |-9. Catherine DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Sir Thomas OXENBRIDGE -magistrate Bucks, 1496
    |        |  |  |  |-9. Margaret DE GAYNESFORD (d.(will proved 1506))
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Adrian WHETHILL -son of Sir Richard Whethill, Comptroller of Calais
    |        |  |  |  |  +-10. Sir Richard WHETHILL of Calais (d.(will proved 1536))
    |        |  |  |  |      sp: UNKNOWN
    |        |  |  |  |     +-11. Robert WHETHILL
    |        |  |  |  +-9. Nicholas DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |    sp: Mary BOHUN
    |        |  | sp: Katherine GRENE (GREENE?) - (d.1498-(probably at Hampton Poyle,Oxford))
    |        |  |  |-8. George GAYNESFORD of Hampton Poyle [sold part of it 1502]
    |        |  |  | sp: Isabell CROXFORD (dau of Thomas Croxford of Kidlington) (d.[before July, 1513])
    |        |  |  |  |-9. Augustine (Austin) GAYNESFORD -of Kidlington &  Idbury
    |        |  |  |  | sp: Elizabeth DE RAWLEY (RALEIGH) (dau-Sir Edward de Rawley, knight (Raleigh) (m.1491)
    |        |  |  |  |  +-10. Edward GAYNESFORD of Idbury
    |        |  |  |  |    sp: Alice NEWYERES (NOWERS) (dau of Edmund Nowers)
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Mary GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Margery GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Jane GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Katherine GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Edmund GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Edward (II) GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. Humfry GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |-11. John GAYNESFORD of Idbury (heir)
    |        |  |  |  |     | sp: Margaret ANNESLEY (dau of Edmund Annesley of Cornwall in com. Oxon.)
    |        |  |  |  |     |  |-12. Christian GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |  |-12. Anne GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |  |-12. Alice GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |  |-12. Lucy GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  |     |  +-12. Margaret GAYNESFORD (died young)
    |        |  |  |  |     +-11. Margaret GAYNESFORD (m. Robert Rigge)
    |        |  |  |  |-9. Henry GAYNESFORD (presume died young)
    |        |  |  | sp: Alice WARHAM (dau of Nicolas Warham)
    |        |  |  | sp: Elizabeth HARECOURT (dau of Sir Robert Harecourt) (m.[by 1498])
    |        |  |  |  |-9. William GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |  +-9. Robert GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |  |-8. William DE GAYNESFORD [living 1498]
    |        |  |  | sp: Anne
     |        |  |  +-8. Elizabeth DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  |    sp: Richard HALL -gentleman
    |        |  |-7. William DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |  | sp: Johanna SIMONS (d.1453)
    |        |  |  |-8. Elizabeth DE GAYNESFORD (b.[by 1448])
    |        |  |  |-8. Richard DE GAYNESFORD of Lingfield (died s.p.)
    |        |  |  +-8. John DE GAYNESFORD (son of Wm) of Blockfield
    |        |  |    sp: (unknown)
     |        |  |     +-9. John DE GAYNESFORD of Blockfield [died 1580] (d.1580)
    |        |  |         sp: UNKNOWN
    |        |  |        +-10. William (eldest son) DE GAYNESFORD of Blockfield and Ford [died 1608] (d.1608)
    |        |  |          sp: Susan JEFFERIES [had 7 daughters & 4 sons]
    |        |  |           +-11. Sir Thomas DE GAYNESFORD -became lord of Blockfield (d.1630)
    |        |  |             sp: Margaret HOWE (dau of Rev. Dr. Howe)
    |        |  |              +-12. William DE GAYNESFORD [died 1648] (d.1648)
    |        |  |                sp: Dorothy PEARCE
    |        |  |                 +-13. William DE GAYNESFORD of Blockfield [died 1679]
    |        |  |                     sp: UNKNOWN
    |        |  |                    +-14. Margaret DE GAYNESFORD (m. Edward Johnson)
    |        |  |-7. Reginald DE GAYNESFORD (app. died before his father)
    |        |  |-7. Thomas DE GAYNESFORD (app. died before his father)
    |        |  +-7. Nicholas DE GAYNESFORD
    |        |-6. Reginald DE GAYNESFORD (died s. p.) (bu.Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        |-6. Thomas DE GAYNESFORD (died s. p.) (bu.Crowhurst Church,Com. Oxon.)
    |        +-6. Nicholas GAINESFORD (GAYNESFORD) of Carshalton [esquire to Edward IV] (d.1498)
    |          sp: Margaret SIDNEY -of Sussex (d.1503)
    |           |-7. John GAINESFORD (GAYNESFORD) of Carshalton (d.ob. 1492)
    |           | sp: Johanna MORESBY (dau of Reginald Moresby)
    |           |  |-8. Robert GAINESFORD (GAYNESFORD)
    |           |  +-8. Margaret GAYNESFORD
    |           |-7. Walter GAYNESFORD (a priest) (d.1493)
    |           |-7. Margaret GAYNESFORD
    |           | sp: Robert WHITE
    |           |  |-8. Robert WHITE
    |           |  +-8. Margaret WHITE
    |           |-7. Elizabeth GAYNESFORD
    |           | sp: Thomas ELLINGBRIDGE
    |           |-7. (2 other daughters) GAYNESFORD
    |           +-7. (2 other sons) GAYNESFORD (merchants, died young)
    |-3. Elizabeth (Isabel) DE LA POYLE (see notes)
    +-3. William DE LA POYLE
      sp: Joan DE PYRTON -co. Oxford