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Knowler Family

I post the following to show those whom I believe were the ancestors of Bethenia Knowles (born Mar 1669)  (as she is usually called) who married William Giles (1650-2 Apr 1694).     Much of this is from firm documented accounts, and quotes are provided.   However, some of these earliest generations need further research, in particular the first three Thomas Knowles’.       I would love to hear other’s opinion about this information:

1. JOHN KNOWLER * of Shelvingford Manor, Heath, County of Kent ENGLAND  -  A branch of the KNOWLERs resided for several generations in this parish, possessed of Wainfleets, and farms in Maypole and Breadless-streets in it.
The surname KNOWLER:   The treeless, gently-rising grassy slopes in the woods have given the names:  Knowles, Knowler, Knowlman, with their compounds.  

Death: Unknown

'Parishes: Hothe', The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 9 (1800), pp. 96-101.

HOTHE, OTHERWISE called Hoadborough, lies the next parish south-eastward from Herne. It was antiently, as its name implies, accounted but as a borough to the adjoining parish of Reculver, to which, as to its ecclesiastical jurisdiction, it still belongs.THE PARISH of Hothe is situated in a lonely unfrequented country, both unwholesome and unpleasant, the soil being for the most part a deep stiff clay. The road from Sturry, through Rushborne to Reculver, goes along the western part of it, upon which stands Maypole-street, one side of which only is in this parish, the other side being in Herne; further in the valley, close to a rill of water, stood the old palace of Ford, and several houses near it; a habitation, says archbishop Parker, in such a soil, and in such a corner as he thought no man could delight to dwell there. The street or village of Hothe, in which the chapel stands, though as well as Maypole-street, situated on high ground, are both very wet, from the land springs which the ground is much subject to. Towards the south this parish is mostly woodland.   A fair, formerly held on Easter-Monday, is now held yearly on the 27th of May.

Within the bounds of this pairsh is THE MANOR OF FORD, alias SHELVINGFORD, which was once the patrimony of the family of Shelving, who possessed it in the beginning of the reign of king Edward III. and prefixed their name to it. Soon after which it passed, by the marriage of Benedicta, daughter and heir of John Shelving, to Sir Edmund Haut, in whose descendants it continued down till king Henry VIII.'s reign, when Sir William Haut, of Bishopsborne, leaving two daughters his coheirs, the eldest of them, Elizabeth, carried it in marriage to Thomas Culpeper, esq. of Bedgbury, in Goudhurst, son and heir of Sir Alexander Culpeper, who by an act in the 35th year of that reign exchanged this manor with the archbishop of Canterbury, for other premises. (fn. 1) Since which it has remained parcel of the possessions of that see to the present time.

He had the following children:
Second Generation
They had the following children:
Third Generation
Spouse & Children
Katherine  – 1485

Agnes Knowler -  
Christiane Knowler -  
Thomas Knowler 1475 – 1574

They had the following children:
+ 4 M i. THOMAS (III) KNOWLER was born 1475 and died 1574.
Fourth Generation
4. THOMAS (III) KNOWLER (THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born 1475. He died 1574 in Kent, England (age 99).   Will was proved, Kent, England - but I have not seen a transcript of this!   
Spouse & Children
#1  Joan Hobb
#2  Margaret
Agnes Knowler -  
Isabel Knowler -  
Thomas Knowler -  
William Knowler  – 1564
Richard Knowler 1490 – 1557
Robert Knowler 1511 – 1567
Radulphus Knowler 1530 – 1570

They had the following children:
+ 5 M i. ROBERT KNOWLER was born 1511 and died 25 May 1567.
Fifth Generation
5. ROBERT KNOWLER (THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born 1511. He died 25 May 1567 in Herne, county Kent.  ROBERT married CODLY (sp?) COBB, daughter of ALEXANDER COBB * and THOMASINE (Thomasyn) DEARTH *. CODLY was born 1513. She died 15 Oct 1581.   (any information appreciated that substantiates this!
Spouse & Children
Codly Cobb 1513 – 1581

Alexander Knowler -  
Willyam Knowler 1534 –  
Thomas Knowler 1536 – 1618
George Knowler 1540 – 1588
Agnes Knowler 1543 –  
Ann Knowler 1544 –  
Richard Knowler 1546 – 1614

They had the following children:
+ 6 M i. GEORGE KNOWLER (died 1610) was born about 1540 and died 4 Jan 1610.
7 M ii. Alexander KNOWLER.
8 M iii. William KNOWLER.
9 F iv. Agnes KNOWLER.
10 F v. Ann KNOWLER.
+ 11 M vi. Richard KNOWLER .
Sixth Generation
6. GEORGE KNOWLER (died 1610) (ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born about 1540 in Hoath, Kent. He died 4 Jan 1610 in Parish of Chislet, Kent Co..
1610 GEORGE KNOWLER of Chislett co. Kent, yeoman. Will dated  GEORGE KNOWLER of Chislett co. Kent, yeoman. Will dated 16 January 1610 ; Proved in the Canterbury Registry 16 February 1610, by Mary the relict and ex.   Sick in body — To my son George Knowler £20 at the age of 21 with remainder in case of his death to my two sons John Knowler, and Jonas Knowler equally — To said John and Jonas my messuage & lands in the borrowe of Hoth in Reculver equally at the ages of 21 — To Mary my wife goods &c uubequeathed — If my said wife shall marry before my sons become of age, then my brother John Knowler and Richard Norwood my brother (sic) to take of the husband she shall marry a bond to keep the tenement &c in good repair. — My wife Mary sole ex*- — My brother John Knowler, and Richard Norwood, Overseers. Witnesses John Knowler — Richard Norwood, Henry Hewett, writer.

Not this George, but possibly Thomas was his son, and George was Thomas's son:    1600:  Archaeologia Cantiana By Kent Archaeological Society:    Presented 1600:   "We present Pleasance Collier, daughter unto William Collier of the parish of Chislet, and GEORGE KNOWLER of the parish of Herne, son unto Thomas Knowler, for that the said Pleasance and George have been three several times lawfully asked, and have been so asked five or six Sundays past, and not married, and whether they will marry we know not."   (Fol. 229)

1610, Jan 4:  Burial:   GEORGE KNOWLER, howshoulder (sic), Chislet

GEORGE married (1) Joan WITT.
They had the following children:
+ 12 M i. ROBERT KNOWLER  of Hearne (died 1635) was born 4 Feb 1574 and died 3 May 1635.
13 F ii. Margaret KNOWLER  (working hypothesis). 1597, Jan 1:     Marriage:  NICOLAS CONSANT & MARGARETT KNOWLER, Chislet   Margaret married Nicholas CONSANT on 1 Jan 1597.
GEORGE also married (2) Mary.
They had the following children:
+ 14 M iii. George KNOWLER died 13 Jun 1622.
  15  M iv  John KNOWLER
   16 M V  Jonas Knowler

1547, May 20:   RICHARD KNOWLER of Hothe witnessed deed of William Consaunt of Chistlett co Kent.  

1547, October 20:    RICHARD KNOWLER of Hothe, and ROBERT KNOWLER of Herne, witnessed the deed of William Consaunt of Chistlett co Kent.


1583:  MARGERY KNOWLER was buried the xxxjth day of Januarie, anno 1583, parish of St. Laurence, Thanet (in east Kent)

Richard married Elizabeth BUTTON.
Spouse & Children
Elizabeth Button 1552 –  

Robert Knowler 1574 – 1635
Agnes Knowler 1576 –  
Joan Knowler 1580 –  
Margaret Knowler 1582 –  
Pleasant Knowler 1582 –  
Richard Knowler

They had the following children:
17 M i. Richard (Jr.) KNOWLER .  “Visitations of the Archdeacon of Canterbury,"  RICHARD KNOWLER, for his beer-cart carrying on the Sabbath Day the 12th of August 1593.