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The originator of the William Hampton of Virginia was supposedly Richard Gervais de Hampton, and his wife Maud, of Tunstall, Staffordshire.     All of my notes on the de Hampton’s of Staffordshire are available in the de Hampton section.   I welcome any opinions, additions, or corrections, particularly as I have been unable to find that “missing link” between those de Hampton’s and our Hampton’s of Virginia, other than in the comments of Mr. Shaw.     This section deals with our immigrant ancestor William Hampton, and his descendants.    

Our immigrant ancestor, William  Hampton:   

William Hampton, born ca May 1590/92, christened  28 May 1592 in Twickenham Parish, Middlesex, England,  “Heritage of Stokes County, NC”  states “he was the eldest son of Laurence Hampton, Sr. and his second wife.  Laurence had two children by his first wife (John and Cassandra) and six by his second wife (William, Ann, Richard, Elizabeth, Laurence and Philadelphia).  William Hampton, the first generation Hampton in this country, came at the age of 29 to Jamestown, VA aboard the ship Bona Nova in the fall of 1620 when the colony had about 1,200 people.  He had been a wool merchant in London and probably came at the bidding of his uncle, Thomas Hampton.  Thomas had been an original stockholder in the "London Company" which in 1607 sent a group of English settlers to Virginia to establish a colony.  This was strictly a business venture and land in the colony was available through stock investments, to the settlers.  William later paid the passage of his wife Joan and their three children, William, Jr., Grace and Elizabeth.  They arrived in 1621 on the ship Abigail; a cousin, John Hampton also arrived on the Abigail.    His first property was at old Point Comfort, near Mobjack Bay in Gloucester Co. VA, then Isle of Wight Co., then Eastermont River, where he built a plantation named "Hampfield" after 1651. He was a wool merchant, buying wool from other Virginians and shipping it to his brother Laurence Hampton in London, who was a merchant tailor.   

William and Joan/Joane had the following known children:   
1)  William, Jr. HAMPTON (b.Bet. 1615-1617-MIddlesex,England)
2)   Grace HAMPTON (b.Abt 1618-England)
3)  Elizabeth HAMPTON (b.England)
4)  Rev. THOMAS HAMPTON (b.-Elizabeth City County,Virginia d.Oct 1690-James City County,Virignia (age 67))       sp: Unknown   (note:  his relationship to the emigrant and name of his oldest son is found in the old Deed for Hampfield in 1745.)   (see notes, however, on his admittance to Oxford and the way this affects his birth date. )

Rev. Thomas Hampton, born 16 Apr 16__  in Elizabeth City County, Virginia, sailed for England in 1625 and enrolled at New College, Oxford 3/11/1625, at age of sixteen.   If he was 16 when he entered college, he was born about 1609.    By 1630 he was a minister of the Episcopal Church, and parish records state he was the rector in charge of two of the most important Parishes in the Colony, one located in James City County, which contained the capital, Jamestown, and the second capital, Williamsburg.   He died ca Oct 1690, and in “Families in Virginia” is stated:    “On a mutilated tombstone near Williamsburg his tomb may be deciphered, on which is written  “Rev. Thomas Hampton, Rector of this Parish, 1647.”    

His wife’s name is unknown, but his known children were:
1)   Capt. JOHN HAMPTON   (b.1655-Virginia d.10 Nov 1718-King William Co.,VA)
 | sp: Mary Ann MANN (b.1652-Timberneck,Gloucester Co.,VA m.Jun 1677 d.1690-Roswell,King William County,Virginia)
 | sp: (unknown) CARY (b.Abt 1670-Gloucester County,Virginia)
2)   Thomas (Jr.) HAMPTON (b.1654-York County,VA d.1703-Isle of Wight County,Virginia)
 | sp: Elizabeth BRIDEL (m.1689)
 | sp: Elizabeth (dau of John & Eliz.) NEVILLE
3)   Mary H. HAMPTON (b.1648-Wilmington Parish,York Co,Va)
   sp: Mr. DUKE
   sp: James WADE  

Capt. John Hampton, born ca 1655, inherited Hampfield from his father in 1677.  At same time he received 157 acres adjoining land from John Mann.   Mann deed calls him Capt. John Hampton, and explains intended marriage to daughter Mary Mann, (1652-1690) whom he married ca June 1677.  The name of her parents are unknown; her uncle was John Mann.   Mr. John Mann, gent., had bought his land from Thomas Todd in 1653.   Living with Mann, a widower, were his son, John Mann, Jr. and his young niece Mary.

John Hampton was a captain in the militia.   Before 1704 he moved to King William, Pamunkey Neck.    His will was 10 Nov 1718 and would have been in King William County Records except the courthouse burned.   But subsequent deeds confirm that that Capt. Hampton left three tracts of Hampfield to his son Thomas, being: (1) the Home Tract, one-half of original grant to William Hampton who devised it to his son Thomas Hampton, Clerke, and conveyed by him to his eldest son John Hampton on 8 June 1677, the time of John's marriage to Mary Mann;  (2) the Cary Tract, ....the (3) the Mann Tract deeded him by John Mann (his wife’s uncle).   His second wife was a Miss Cary, first name unknown.

John’s children by both Mary Mann and Miss Cary were:
sp: Mary Ann MANN (b.1652-Timberneck,Gloucester Co.,VA m.Jun 1677 d.1690-Roswell,King William County,Virginia)
1)     Thomas HAMPTON (b.1679)
2)  Mary HAMPTON (b.1681-Wilmington Parish,York County,Virginia)
 | sp: Edward, Jr. WADE (b.Abt 1640)
3)   JOHN (Jr.) HAMPTON (b.3 Jun 1683-Hampfield,Gloucester County,VA. d.26 Jun 1747/1748-Fairfax Co.,VA)
 | sp: * Margaret WADE (b.1 May 1694-St. Peters Parish,New Kent Co.,VA m.1712 d.17 May 1773-Prince William Co.,VA)
4)    William HAMPTON (b.1685)
 | sp: Mary/Martha THORNTON-CATLETT
5)   Richard HAMPTON (b.1688)
 | sp: Martha
sp: (unknown)”Miss” CARY (b.Abt 1670-Gloucester County,Virginia)
6)   Cary HAMPTON

John Hampton, Jr. was born 3 June 1683 at Hampfield.  He was baptized Sunday Jun 18, 1683 by his grandfather, Rev. Thomas Hampton.   In John’s prayer book is noted his marriage on the 1st day of 1712 (old calendar)  to Margaret Wade (1 May 1694-17 May 1773) daughter of James Wade and Mary H. Hampton, so most probably his cousin.   John was educated for the church but never took orders.   He was on Hampfield  according to a  land record which in 1712 has father giving him the land.  He lived later (until 1736) in Essex County, and 1742 was in Prince William County, VA.   John died 18 Jan 1747.

John and Margaret had the following children:  
1)   John Wade HAMPTON (died a child) (b.27 May 1713 d.1726/at age 13)
2)   Anthony HAMPTON (b.12 Apr 1715-New Kent Co.,VA d.1 Jul 1776-Ninety-Six District (Spartanburg Co),S.C.)  (ANTHONY HAMPTON - pdf file of his descendants)
 | sp: Elizabeth PRESTON (b.1719/1720 m.10 Mar 1741 d.1 Jul 1776-Spartanburg County,South Carolina)
3)   Mary HAMPTON (b.10 Jun 1717)
4)   William HAMPTON (b.30 Mar 1719)
5)   Richard HAMPTON (b.30 Mar 1719)
6)   JAMES HAMPTON (b.30 Sep 1723-New Kent Co.,VA d.By 1801-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Martha Mary SMITH (b.Abt 1726 m.2 Mar 1744/1745 d.1796-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Rachel UNKNOWN
7)   Elizabeth HAMPTON (b.1720)
 | sp: Thomas TRIPLETT
8)   Henry HAMPTON (b.5 Oct 1721-Fairfax Co.,VA d.27 Mar 1778-Prince William Co.,VA)
 | sp: Ellender PRESTON-GARDNER
 | sp: Elizabeth CARY-HOBSON (m.8 May 1738)
9)   Margaret HAMPTON (b.16 Dec 1725-New Kent Co.,VA d.Fairfax Co.,VA)
10)  John III HAMPTON (b.28 May 1727-Fairfax Co.,VA d.1794-Fairfax Co.,VA)
 | sp: Mary GUNNELL
11)  Thomas HAMPTON (b.17 Oct 1728/1729-Fairfax Co.,VA d.17 Dec 1796-Cascade Creek,Pittsylvania Co.,VA)
 | sp: Sarah Pattison CONYERS (b.Abt 1728-Overwharton Parish,Stafford,Virginia d.1765-Cascade Creek,Pittsylvania,Virginia)
12)  Rosamond HAMPTON (b.8 Sep 1735-New Kent Co.,VA d.1802-Winnsboro,SC)
   sp: William WINN

NOTE:   General Wade Hampton, CSA/Gov of SC, is a descendant through their son Anthony.
•   Anthony  Hampton  m. Elizabeth Preston.    Their son...
    •  Gen. Wade Hampton (3 May 1754-4 Feb 1835) m. Margaret Flud.   Their son was...
           •  Col. Wade Hampton (Jr./II) (1791-1858) m.  Ann Fitzsimons.    Their son was...
                     •   Gen. WADE HAMPTON (28 Mar 1818-11 Apr 1902)     

James Hampton was born 30 September 1723 in New Kent County, VA.   James served in the Indian Wars, who were in concert with the British army.  He married Martha Mary Smith, daughter of William Smith,  on 2 Mar 1744/1745 in New Kent County.    He had moved to Stokes County, NC by 1755, at which time he was living near the home of his brother, Anthony Hampton James was present at a general meeting of the men of Surry County NC, called for August 25, 1775, where they "Resolved, that this committee highly approves the proceedings of the Continental Congress held in Philadelphia in September last, and that we will endeavor to carry their recommendations into execution."   They then proceeded to establish the militia, or Committee of Safety, and to procure ammunition.”   He supposed had a second wife named Rachel.   James died by 1801, his will can be found in the Stokes County, NC records, dated September 16, 1796; filed June term 1801, and names some of his children:

Bequests: Eldest son, Thomas:  Negro man Sutton; Negro woman Comfort, etc.
Youngest son, Samuel 280 acres on TownFork, excepting 1/4 acre for burying ground.
Youngest daughter, Martha Evans:  Negro Sango Land adjoining Thomas Flynt
Eldest daughter, Margaret Halbert - Land
Executors: Thomas and Samuel Hampton, sons
Witnesses: John Boner, Martin Flynt, Jurat and Hastin Flynt
Signed: James Hampton

1)   John HAMPTON (b.20 Apr 1746-Virginia)
2)   Thomas HAMPTON (b.1748-Fairfax County,VA d.Apr 1838-Wilkes County,NC)
 | sp: Abigail LAWES
3)   Margaret HAMPTON (b.1751-Surry County,NC d.7 Jul 1828-Lincoln County,TN)
 | sp: John N. HALBERT
4)   Hannah HAMPTON (b.1752)
5)   Henry HAMPTON (b.1754-Virginia d.Abt 1832)
 | sp: Sarah BEAVERS
6)   Capt. SAMUEL HAMPTON  (b.Abt 1758 d.19 Dec 1802-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: * BETHENIA BOSTICK (b.18 Mar 1767-probably Pittsylvania County,VA m.19 Aug 1785 d.1832-NC)
7)   Theodocia HAMPTON (b.Cal 1760 d.Dec 1796-Stokes County,NC)
 | sp: William LADD
8)   Martha HAMPTON (b.Abt 1762-Surry County,NC d.Dec 1809-Williamson County,TN)
 | sp: Edward EVANS (d.Davidson County,TN)

Was there a son, James HAMPTON, Jr. ?    (b.Abt 1747 d.Aft 1786-Wilkes County,NC)   sp: Rachel FREEMAN  
 (D. Snyder believes this James is actually the son of Jacob Hampton.  Any information would be appreciated!)