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Complete notes and sources available upon request.
Harry Z. Tucker in “The Bostick Papers,”  (1938) wrote of the Bostick family that it “was founded in England by Owen de Bostock, and was one of the the early families entitled to bear arms. The  name is recorded in the ancient Doomsday Book, compiled by William the Conqueror, and the Bostick family being of noble descent, has  been traced back to the days of Conquest, for the Baronetcy is one of the finest. Descendants are entitled to be enrolled in the  "Americans of Noble Descent". They are also eligible for membership in the very exclusive society, "The Colonial Order of the Crown", and  other select and patriotic societies.”  

Following are the generations of our Bostick family:  

Charles Bostick is the earliest Bostick I have seen records about.  He was  born ca 1640-45, died ca 1700/01 St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia, and his wife’s name was Mary.    Some of their known children were John,  Mary,  WILLIAM, Charles, and James.    

William Bostick, son of Charles & Mary Bostick, was born ca 1670-80, died 30 Dec 1739 in Goochland County, VA.    William married Elizabeth Audley sometime in the early 1700’s, and the names of at least some of their children were JOHN, William, Mary, and Charles.     

John Bostick was born ca 1710, the son of William & Elizabeth Ardley Bostick of St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.   He married Nancy Elizabeth (Chesley/Wilson) ca 1738.    John and Nancy Elizabeth moved from “Albemarle County, Virginia to Halifax County, Virginia in 1759.  When Pittsylvania County was formed in 1766, their land fell into that county.”    But I have seen it said that he died ca 1767 in St. Paul’s (Richmond) County, Georgia.   They had eight known children:  1)  William,  2) Col. ABSALOM BOSTICK,  3) Chesley  4)  Jemima  5)  Nathaniel  6)  Lucy   7) Littleberry  8)  Elizabeth.      
Of John’s children, I know that at least William, Chesley, Jemima, Nathaniel, and Littleberry also moved to Georgia.    A personal note:  Of particular interest to me is Jemima Bostick who married Valentine Hatcher.   Valentine & Jemima Bostick Hatcher were the parents of Capt. Archibald Hatcher, who married my greatx5 grandmother, Mary Stewart Robison Bugg Arrington as her 3rd husband!     I have some information on some of these children in Georgia, if anyone is interested.  

My preliminary chart, showing 3 generations only, for John are:
1. JOHN BOSTICK * (b.Abt 1710 d.1767-St. Pauls Parish,Richmond Co.,Virginia)
sp: Nancy Elizabeth (WILSON /CHESLEY?) * (b.Abt 1717 m.Abt 1738)
 |-2. Col. Absalom * BOSTICK (DAR# A012367 ) (b.Abt 1740-New Kent,Henrico Co,Virginia d.Jun 1803-Stokes County,NC)
 | sp: Bethenia PERKINS * (b.7 Jul 1743-Goochland,Virginia m.22 Jun 1762 d.1809-Stokes County,NC)
 |  |-3. Capt. John BOSTICK Rev. War (DAR # A012389) (b.18 Jun 1765-Rowan Co/Stokes County,NC d.20 Sep 1850-Triune,Williamson County,TN)
 |  | sp: Mary GERVAIS (JARVIS) (b.18 Jun 1764 m.1784 d.1833-Williamson County,TN)
 |  |-3. BETHENIA BOSTICK * (b.18 Mar 1768-probably Pittsylvania County,VA d.1832-NC)
 |  | sp: Capt. SAMUEL HAMPTON * (b.Abt 1758 m.19 Aug 1785 d.19 Dec 1802-Stokes Co.,NC)
 |  | sp: Charles PERKINS (b.13 Mar 1778-Virginia m.23 Jan 1804 d.14 Feb 1813-Stokes Co.,NC)
 |  | sp: Isaac JONES (b.5 Mar 1770 d.1851-Kentucky)
 |  |-3. Absalom II BOSTICK (b.1769-Rowan Co/Stokes Co.,NC d.1855-Christian County,Kentucky)
 |  | sp: Nancy DALTON (b.20 Apr 1768 d.Marshall Co.,TN.)
 |  | sp: Dolly WHITE (dau Zachariah White) (m.15 Nov 1822)
 |  |-3. Don Ferdinand BOSTICK (b.9 Mar 1772-Pittsylvania Co.,VA d.1822/1824-Stokes Co.,NC)
 |  | sp: Elizabeth Ann RAND (b.12 Aug 1784-Halifax County,VA m.28 May 1799 d.Aft 1830-Stokes Co.,NC)
 |  |-3. Susannah BOSTICK (d.By 16 Aug 1811)
 |  | sp: William BLACKBURN
 |  |-3. Anne BOSTICK (b.Cal 1779-Surry County,NC d.Possibly In Mississippi)
 |  | sp: Thornton Preston GUINN (d.1831)
 |  |-3. Manoah Hardin BOSTICK (b.20 Aug 1780-Surry County,NC d.4 Jul 1843-Greene Co.,IL)
 |  | sp: Jane "Jincey or Dilcey" SCALES (m.14 Dec 1803)
 |  | sp: Frances Taliaferro HARVIE (HARVEY) (b.Cal 1794 m.23 Jun 1823)
 |  |-3. Christina BOSTICK (b.1785-Surry Co. d.1 Jan 1863-Stokes County,NC)
 |  | sp: David, Jr. DALTON (b.15 Jan 1771-Albemarle Co.,VA d.19 Mar 1847-Snow Creek,Stokes Co.,NC)
 |  +-3. (daughter) BOSTICK (?) See Notes)
 |-2. William BOSTICK (b.Abt 1738-New Kent,Henrico Co,Virginia d.1795-Greene or Oglethorpe County,GA)
 | sp: Agatha COOKE
 |  |-3. Floyd BOSTICK (b.Abt 1759)
 |  | sp: Jane SMITH
 |  |-3. William BOSTICK (b.Abt 1761-Halifax County,VA d.Apr 1836-Franklin County,TN)
 |  | sp: Ann "Nancy"  (b.14 Jun 1759 d.1 Sep 1848-TN)
 |  |-3. John (son of Wm) BOSTICK (d.By Sept 1803-Union County,SC)
 |  |-3. Littleberry BOSTICK
 |  |-3. Elizabeth BOSTICK
 |  | sp: Theopolis BURKE
 |  |-3. Agatha BOSTICK (d.by May 1840-Jefferson County,GA (will recorded))
 |  | sp: (Mr.) BEAL
 |  |-3. Nathaniel BOSTICK
 |  |-3. Sarah BOSTICK
 |  | sp: George W. HEARD (m.6 Feb 1706)
 |  |-3. Lucy BOSTICK
 |  | sp: (Marbil?) STONE
 |  |-3. Stephen BOSTICK
 |  |-3. Chesley (son of Wm) BOSTICK (never married) (d.Dec 1766-Greene County,GA)
 |  +-3. Rhesa BOSTICK
 |-2. Chesley BOSTICK (b.1741-Goochland County,VA d.2 Jan 1808-Jefferson County,GA)
 | sp: Jane JARVIS
 |  |-3. Chesley, Jr. BOSTICK (d.by March 1810-[late of Richmond County,GA])
 |  | sp: Susannah COBB (m.13 May 1791)
 |  | sp: Ann Matilda HARGROVE
 |  |-3. Elizabeth BOSTICK
 |  | sp: (Col/Judge) Thomas P. CARNES -GA Congressman (b.1762 m.19 Nov 1795 d.5 May 1822)
 |  |-3. Sarah Maria BOSTICK (b.26 Apr 1779-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Michael SHELMAN (d.By 1843)
 |  |-3. Mary Ann BOSTICK
 |  | sp: (Mr.) THOMPSON
 |  |-3. Henrietta Jane BOSTICK (b.26 Dec 1786)
 |  | sp: John GUYTON
 |  +-3. John (son of Chesley) BOSTICK (marrried his cousin) (b.Richmond County,GA)
 |    sp: Elizabeth "Betsey" BOSTICK (b.7 Feb 1780 m.23 Feb 1797)
 |-2. Jemima BOSTICK (b.Abt 1744 d.Jefferson County,GA)
 | sp: Valentine HATCHER (b.1731 d.7 Sep 1812-Jefferson County,GA)
 |  |-3. Archibald HATCHER (b.Abt 1755 d.13 Jan 1808-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)
 |  | sp: Mary Stewart ROBISON-BUGG-ARRINGTON (b.Abt 1764 m.4 May 1795 d.2 Aug 1833-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)    [my greatx5 grandmother, her 3rd marriage, no children with Capt. Hatcher]
 |  |-3. John HATCHER
 |  |-3. Elizabeth "Betsey" HATCHER
 |  |-3. Josiah W. HATCHER
 |  |-3. Susannah HATCHER
 |  |-3. Rhoda HATCHER
 |  +-3. Martha "Patsy" HATCHER
 |-2. Nathaniel BOSTICK (b.26 Jan 1745/1746-Goochland County,VA d.14 [Feb or May] 1818-Jefferson County,GA)
 | sp: Martha GUINN
 |  |-3. Elizabeth BOSTICK (b.27 Jul 1770)
 |  | sp: William Ewert WALKER (b.15 Dec 1762-Buckingham County,Virginia d.7 Feb 1818-Jefferson County,GA)
 |  |-3. Hillory (Hillery) B. BOSTICK (b.20 Nov 1771)
 |  | sp: Elizabeth GERVAIS (JARVIS) (m.28 Apr 1790)
 |  |-3. John Rufus BOSTICK (b.22 Aug 1773 d.31 Oct 1840-Jefferson County,GA)
 |  | sp: Elizabeth HAYLES (BAYLES) (m.5 Mar 1800)
 |  | sp: Eloisa BEAL (b.15 Oct 1796 d.16 Mar 1874)
 |  |-3. Nathaniel (Jr.) BOSTICK (b.3 Mar 1775)
 |  | sp: Catherine CONNOLY (m.30 Mar 1813)
 |  |-3. Tilman Given BOSTICK (b.12 Feb 1777)
 |  | sp: Sarah Gains HUMPHREY (m.2 Apr 1807)
 |  |-3. Holmes Guinn BOSTICK (b.27 Jul 1784 d.1850)
 |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  +-3. Mary "Polly" Ann BOSTICK (b.4 Sep 1790)
 |    sp: William HAYLES
 |-2. Lucy BOSTICK (b.Abt 1748)
 | sp: Marble/Marbill STONE (d.[between 1800-1810]-Jefferson County,GA)
 |-2. Littleberry BOSTICK (b.10 Jul 1751-Goochland County,VA d.10 Sep 1823-Jefferson County,GA)
 | sp: Rebekah (Rebecca) BEAL (b.Mar 1752 m.27 Jul 1773 d.17 Jul 1791-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Jacob BOSTICK (b.26 Oct 1775 d.By Dec 1821-Burke County,GA)
 |  | sp: Rebecca BEALE
 |  |-3. Littleberry (Jr.) BOSTICK (b.12 Aug 1776-Jefferson County,GA d.20 Oct 1855-Jefferson County,GA)
 |  | sp: Margaret Rudd HANCOCK (b.2 Sep 1796 m.9 Jan 1812)
 |  | sp: Mary Ann Martha WALKER (b.27 Jan 1806-Georgia d.1 Jul 1887)
 |  |-3. Rhesa (son of Littleberry) BOSTICK (b.11 Nov 1778)
 |  |-3. Elizabeth "Betsey" BOSTICK (b.7 Feb 1780)
 |  | sp: John (son of Chesley) BOSTICK (marrried his cousin) (b.Richmond County,GA m.23 Feb 1797)
 |  |-3. Jeremiah (son of Littleberry) BOSTICK (b.11 Apr 1783)
 |  |-3. Nathaniel (son of Littleberry) BOSTICK (b.26 Mar 1790)
 |  | sp: Sarah J.B. BROWN
 | sp: Mary "Polly" PHILLIPS (m.6 Nov 1792)
 |  |-3. Mary Ann (dau of Littleberry) BOSTICK (b.10 Sep 1793)
 |  | sp: Jesse ROBERSON
 |  |-3. Susannah Addison BOSTICK (b.13 Aug 1795)
 |  | sp: Nicholas CONNELLY
 |  | sp: Marcus FLOURNOY (b.9 Oct 1795-Hancock County,GA d.Chambers County,Alabama)
 |  |-3. Matilda Golden BOSTICK (b.2 Dec 1796-Richmond County,GA)
 |  | sp: Don Ferdinand (a cousin) BOSTICK
 |  | sp: Jacob BEAL
 |  |-3. Caroline Verlinda BOSTICK (b.17 Feb 1810)
 |  | sp: (Mr.) TODD
 |  |-3. William Littleberry BOSTICK (twin) (b.12 Mar 1823)
 |  +-3. Thomas Hancock BOSTICK (twin) (b.12 Mar 1823)
 +-2. Elizabeth BOSTICK (b.1755)
(I welcome any further information about the Bostick’s!)

Col. Absalom Bostick was born ca 1740, supposedly in New Kent/Henrico/ Goochland County, Virginia, son of John and Nancy Eliz. Chesley Bostick.    He married Bethenia Perkins on 22 Jun 1762, the daughter of Nicholas and Bethenia Harden Perkins.    Exactly when Absalom and Bethenia moved to North Carolina is unclear,  but certainly they were in Stokes County for the births of some of their children, and they were early settlers of that county.    Absalom  and Bethenia built Shoebuckle Plantation, located on the bend of the Dan River near the present town of Pinehall, NC  It has been written of that they“owned thousands of acres of land and many slaves, and they were wealthy and influential planters and men of prominence.”     
Of interest is the comment about Stokes County, NC, that… "On political questions, Surry County, from the earliest days has displayed a tendency to side with the radical elements.   Evidently this is due to the type of settlers who constantly watch their officials, and at the first indication of political arrogance are willing to cast the old aside;  a people striving to attain a purer democracy than was possible for their fathers."     He was captain of the local North Carolina militia, and his company joined the army under General Gates when they were in the Battle of Camden  (SC) August 15,1780; Captain Absalom Bostick was in Col. Rutherford’s Regiment and as a member of Colonel Joseph Winston's staff during the War; he drilled soldiers and furnished supplies to the cause of Independence.    

Absalom has been called “one of the outstanding leaders on the Dan River during and after the Revolutionary War.”   It is written that he was apparently well educated - because he served as a magistrate, sheriff, coroner, a County Treasurer, Justice of the Peace, and served both houses of the General Assembly at Raleigh, NC - a member of the House of Commons (1790-95) from Stokes County, NC.     Absalom participated in the convention that met at Fayetteville in 1789 prepared to “safeguard against encroachment by the Federal Government.”    The convention voted almost unanimously for final acceptance of the new United States Constitution!      Absalom died ca Jun 1803 in Stokes County, NC, and was buried on his plantation, although the location of his grave is unknown.   This land was sold in Dec 1804, and Bethenia died in 1809.  The property later belonged to Peter Wilson Hairston and is mentioned frequently in his estate papers.   Absalom and Bethenia supposedly had nine children, but I only have the names of eight of their children, (as mentioned in his will):   1)  Maj. John Bostick;   2) BETHENIA   3) Absalom, Jr.,    4) Don Ferdinand,  5) Susannah,  6)  Anne,   7)  Manoah Hardin, and  8) Christina Bostick.   

Absalom & Bethenia Perkins’ first child was Maj. John BOSTICK, born 18 Jun 1765 in Rowan Co/Stokes County, NC.  He died 20 Sep 1850 in Triune, Williamson County, TN.. He married Mary Gervais/Jarvis 20 Dec 1787 in Richmond County, GA.   John Bostick, called Josh, served as a sergeant during the Revolutionary War in Capt Reuben Taylor's Company and Col. Moses Hazen's Regiment of the Continental Line.  He was a resident of Surry C., NC during the Revolution and enlisted 12 Dec 1776;  discharged 17 June 1783.   Ref:  DAR # 158183.   John Bostick is listed in DAR Patriot Index as a captain.       Bostick was elected as 1st sheriff of Stokes Co., and served several years.   He was also elected to NC Legislature.  In 1809, he moved to Williamson Co., TN, where he died 41 years later.  His obituary describes him as “a man of strong mind, of great firmness and decision of character .. Prudent & provident in all business matters .. Affectionate husband, the kind parent, the indulgent and humane master and the obligating and excellent neighbor.”   John married Mary JARVIS/GERVAIS on 1784. Mary was born 18 Jun 1764. She died 1833 in Williamson County, TN.  
John Bostick & Mary Jarvis/Gervais had the following children:
They had the following children:
1)   Absalom BOSTICK was born 6 Mar 1790. He died 1850 in Williamson County, TN.   Absalom married (1)  Elizabeth BLACKBURN on 1 Apr 1809 in Stokes Co., NC.  Absalom also married (2) Mary G. PATTON on 24 Sep 1829 in Williamson County, TN.
2)   Bethenia BOSTICK was born 20 Oct 1788.  Bethenia married Jason PATTON on 30 Jul 1811 in Williamson County, TN.
3)  Don F. BOSTICK was born 23 Nov 1791.
4)  Hampton BOSTICK was born 25 Apr 1793 and died 1822.
5)  John (Jr.) BOSTICK was born 22 Oct 1794.
6)  Elizabeth BOSTICK was born 14 Apr 1796.   Elizabeth married Jobe BELL on 4 Apr 1816 in Williamson County, TN.
7)   Mary G. BOSTICK was born 18 Oct 1797.
8)  Jane BOSTICK was born 12 May 1799.  Jane married Jason C. WILSON on 29 Sep 1815 in Williamson County, TN.
9)  Manoah BOSTICK was born 22 Feb 1801.
10)   Christina BOSTICK was born 10 Dec 1802.
11)   Hardin Perkins BOSTICK was born 30 Dec 1804 and died 22 Feb 1861.
12)   James Alfred BOSTICK was born 18 Jun 1806 and died 30 Dec 1868.

The book, "Old Enough To Die"  by Ridley Wills, II., is about the family of Hardin Perkins BOSTICK (pdf).     I heartily recommend the book!    Portions of it  are quoted in the notes about this line of our family.    It contains the letters of this family during the Civil War, and gives particularly poignant accounts of the loss of two of their sons during the War.      If you haven’t read it, please do yourself a favor and get the book!   

Bethenia Bostick was  Absalom & Bethenia’s 2nd child.   She was born 18 Mar 1767.   As the second child of her parents, it is unclear if she was born in Virginia or North Carolina.   Bethenia married Capt. Samuel Hampton 19 Aug 1785 in Surry County, NC.    I have seen it written that she married two times more after Samuel’s death, first to her cousin Charles Perkins, and also to Isaac Jones, with children born in each marriage, but I cannot find the names of any of those children.   I want to thank “Chris,” who was kind enough to point out a deed (Book N, page 34, date of registration 1827 in Iredell County, NC Deed Records) from Isaac Jones & Bethenia his wife to John B. Hampton, which quite clearly proves she married Mr. Jones.  I can provide information on that deed for anyone interested.  

Samuel died in Dec 1802, and Bethenia died thirty years later, in 1832.    They had six children:   
       1)  James M. (13 Sep 1786-27 Oct 1837);  
       2)  Samuel, Jr. (14 Oct 1790-18 Feb 1874);  
       3)  John B.  (12 Jan 1793-7 Jun 1881)  
       4)  Mary (14 May 1795-died in TN)
       5)  Susan/Susannah (27 Mar 1797-?)
       6)  MANOAH BOSTICK HAMPTON  (25 Jun 1799-16 Feb 1858)

Thanks to the deed (mentioned above as pointed out by “Chris”) we know she was most definitely married to Rev. Isaac Jones by 1827.  Chris also said:     “Isaac Jones was a Methodist minister born in 1769, originally from Maryland. He was living in Surry County, NC during the 1780's until around 1830. After that he went to Maury and Williamson counties, TN and then to Calloway County, KY, where he died in 1851. I think Bethenia Bostick would've been his second wife. The interesting thing is that Isaac Jones remarried again in Maury County, TN in 1833, which is a year after Bethenia's death.”   I, quite frankly, question that she had children with Mr. Jones.    She would have been in her late 40’s by the time of a marriage to him.     It is possible there were children with Charles Perkins, and I would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge about those children.    

Manoah Bostick Hampton
My Descent:

Bethenia Bostick m.
Capt. Samuel Hampton

Manoah Bostick Hampton
Cynthia Mitchell

Manoah Bostick Hampton, Jr.  .m
Emma Jane Battle

Mary Elizabeth Hampton m. Walter F. McClure

Robert McClure m.
Helen Jackson

Jeanne McClure was my mother.