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Complete notes and sources available upon request.
Thomas Davis Jackson & Rebecca Hopkins Jackson
The grave markers for Thomas and Rebecca Jackson, and his brother, John W. Jackson, Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL
Robert and
Helen Jackson McClure (circa 1949)
Thomas D. &
John W. Jackson,
with their ladies.  

One of the women had to be Thomas’s wife, Rebecca.  
I don’t know who the woman was with John (he never married)
Jackson Family

I am still working on our JACKSON family.    I have the theory that JOSEPH JACKSON & ANN JARVIS were perhaps the parents of Joseph Jackson who married Nancy Carroll.    Our Jackson’s were certainly in Fauquier County, Virginia, at one time.    Thomas Davis Jackson,  “T.D.” was my mother’s grandfather.  He was the son of Granville T. Jackson and Martha Jane Davis of Ninety-Six, South Carolina.    I am still researching many of these families.   

First Generation:

JOSEPH JACKSON born about 1750 - died 25 May 1818 in Fauquier County, Virginia.   He married Anne “Nancy” Sanford CARROLL, daughter of Demse (Dempsey) James Carroll and Frances Sanford.   Joseph and Nancy had the following children:

Vincent S. JACKSON
Daniel JACKSON b: 1760 in Farquier County, Virginia

If you are related, please let me hear from you!

           ... Will of Joseph Jackson To wife Nancy Sanford Jackson -  Sons William Joseph ...
Children included Daniel, Vincent, Joseph Jr, William, Thomas, Dempsey Carrol, Frances, and Sarah Jackson. Some of these move to KY and TN.

Don't know if this is the same Joseph Jackson, but there is a lease between Bryan Fairfax and Joseph Jackson and his wife Ann [Nancy is sometimes a nickname for Ann] on 10 May 1771 for 150 acres on Little River or Hunger Run for 4 pounds yearly. Mentions a son George as well. This is from a book on Fauquier Co deeds 1759-1778 by John Gott. This would be from Deed Book 4, pp.223-225.

Loudoun Co. VA was created from Fairfax Co. in 1757.   Fauquier Families, 1759-1799:    

1771:    JOSEPH JACKSON, 78P, 82-99E.  D 4-223, 1771.  Lease from Bryan Fairfax of Fairfax of 150 acres on Little River for his life and lives of wife ANN and son GEORGE.  M-381, 1771.  Survey road from Loudoun line to Little River.

Continued quotes from Missouri's Confederate: Claiborne Fox Jackson ... By Christopher Phillips.   

[It should be noted that he assumes Joseph Jackson, Jr. married Susannah Carter.    This is one of the few marriages that can be found recorded in Fauquier County about this time... not necessarily proof enough that he was the same Joseph Jackson who married Nancy Carroll, whose father, it should be remembered, was Dempsey Carroll!  I believe he was wrong in stating Susannah Carter was this Joseph's wife.]

Yet one piece of evidence connects JOSEPH JACKSON, JR., to the war, if circumstantially.  While his brothers continue to show up in the postwar records in Bedford County, the last evidence of Joseph Jr. in the Southside was in October 1774, when he sold to one John Phillpot of Goochland County the final two hundred acres of land he acquired by grant deed from his father.   At some point thereafter, he appears to have migrated (as did thousands of war veterans) to yet another frontier, FAUQUIER COUNTY, in sight of the Blue Ridge in the new state's northernmost portion.  That  no record exists of any land grant offered to Joseph Jackson Jr. in Virginia's northern frontier as a result of military service leaves his veteran status in doubt.   Any such migration from the Southside must have been an especially difficult choice for Joseph Jr., for at war's end he was no rootless  young man with a surfeit of life energy brought on by a wartime brush with mortality.  Any move from the Southside at this point in his life came only with risk, for Joseph Jackson already had a family for which to provide.  

Well before the war, JOSEPH JACKSON, JR., had begun to acquire secular stock by the most cardinal of means:  he had started a family.   On August 27, 1760, he had married SUSANNAH CARTER, a distant cousin to the powerful Tidewater family.   Within three years, three sons --- GEORGE, JOSEPH III, and DEMPSEY CARROLL - were born to the Jacksons, followed two years later by another son, WILLIAM.  With this growing brood Jackson moved to Fauquier and watched his sons grow to manhood.  Their hard work contributed to the growth of the family farm as well, and census records from the summer of 1787 (when the Virginia legislature authorized and conducted its first state census) not only indicate Joseph's presence in the county, but reveal that by the age of 57 he had attained at least a modest amount of property and standing.  Just as Virginia's "demigods" in distant Philadelphia were directing the construction of a new republic, JOSEPH JACKSON of FAUQUIER COUNTY had managed to build a middling place in local society, reflected in his property acquisitions.  An owner of eight slaves - three over and five under the age of sixteen, as well as seven horses or mules and fifteen cattle, Joseph Jackson was far from being a member of the gentry, but was just as far from languishing in social and political insignificance.
Next Generation:  

VINCENT JACKSON (abt 1776-1850 - cannot confirm these dates) married Mary GLASCOCK on 5 Feb 1798 in Fauquier County, VA, but they moved to Greene County, TN.     They had many children, but I have not researched them, yet, so will discuss only their son, THOMAS.

There are some particular notes that refer to Vincent:

1807, November 14,  Indenture:     PHILLIP RADER and VINSENT (sic)  JACKSON, both of Greene Co, TN, $300 paid, 290 acres lying on Skippers Creek, being part of survey known as Ensley's survey, bounded by WILLIAM MASKIL & ABRAHAM DYER corners.   Witnesses:  Christopher Houts, Thomas Essman.  Registered 4 June 1808.  [Greene Co, TN Records, p 180]

1808, March 6:   Will of Peggy Crosby:  My youngest sister, Jinny Crosby, my negro girl Hannah. Witnesses: John Glascock, Vincent Jackson, Mary Jackson. Signed: Peggy Crosby xx her mark. (Greene County, Tennessee Wills, 1783-1890).

1809, July 11, Indenture:   David Gray, Franklin County, TN, by his attorney William Gray, one part, and JOHN GLASSCOCK, Greene Co, TN, other part; $300 paid, 96 acres beginning on bank of Lick Creek at mouth of Little Creek, a corner to John William Blackburn.  Witnesses:  VINCENT JACKSON, John W. Blackburn, Alexander Smitey.   Registered 21 February 1810.

Virginia ancestors and adventurers - Page 62  Charles Hughes Hamlin - 1975 - 412 pages:
Fauquier Co, Will Book 8, page 410 - Will of George Glascock dated 10 February 1815 - no date of probate. "Mansion and plant I bought of ... To daughter, Mary Jackson, wife of Vincent Jackson, all that land I own in GREEN CO., TENN ----

The Glas(s)cock-Glasscock Saga: the 1st 5 generations of Glas(s)cocks ... Lawrence A. Glassco - 1974 - 189 pages -------- 1826 in Fauquier Co.  He is certified by the DAR for Patriotic & Civil Service in the Revolution (PS CS VA) Children: +1. ... 5. Sarah g b' c' 1778 m' George Crosby Sept. 7, 1797 6. MARY g b' c' 1780 m' VINCENT JACKSON Feb. 5, 1798 +7. ...

Greene County, TN, Death Notes: John Rader died intestate in Greene County, Tennessee in August of 1840. Leland Davis was appointed by county court to act as administrator of his estate. The court also appointed William Willoughby, THOMAS JACKSON and VINCENT JACKSON as commissioners to set aside a portion of the estate left by John Rader to be used by his widow Mary Rader (Greene County, Tennessee County Court volumn January 1839 to December 1843,pages 159 and 167, dated September 7, 1840 and October 5, 1840 respectively) The personal estate of John Rader was sold at public auction on October 2 and 3 of 1840. The sale of individual items and those who purchased them is recorded in the Greene County, Tennessee Inventory of Estates, volume 1828 to 1854, page 574, dated October 5, 1841. Some of the items purchased were: scythe and cradle - $2.00, broad axe - $2.12, hammer and anvil - $.65, one loom - $2.50, candlestand - $1.91, harrow - $2.51, plow - $3.07, pair of spectacles - $.50, razor and box - $1.01, umbrella - $1.26, windmill - $14.06, big kettle - $3.20, fur hat - $2.12, bed - $5.00, horse - $35.00, cow - $9.56 and books - $.79. His personal estate was sold for a total of $373.13.
Next Generation, son of Vincent:

THOMAS JACKSON (abt 1805-?) married Elizabeth BALCH on 5 Dec 1829 in Greeneville, Greene County, TN.   She was the daughter of Elijah Whitfield Balch and Mary “Mollie” Green.   

There was only one Thomas Jackson in the 1840 Census, Greene Co, TN
Thomas Jackson
2 males under 5
1 male 5-10   
1 male 20-30
1 male 40-50
1 female under 5
2 females 5-10
1 female 30-40
(cannot make the children work perfectly without some missing… .some died young?)

In 1850, Thomas and Elizabeth and their children were in Greene County, TN.
Thomas Jackson, age 45 (48?), merchant, $7000, born in TN
Elizabeth, age 42
Mary, age 19
James, age 18
Sarah, age 17
Granville, age 15
Thomas, age 13
Nancy, age 11
Emily, age 8
Elija, age 6
Lavena, age 4

1860 Census, Greene County, TN.
Thomas Jackson, age 55, farmer, $8000/$11,415, born in TN
Elizabeth, age 53  (Eliz. & children also born in TN)
Sally, age 24
Nancy, age 18
Emma, age 16
William E., age 15
Laura, age 14
Henry Walker, mulatto male, age 14

Greene Co, TN:    John L Henderson in 1850 being then from Walker County Georgia sold Wm. Alex Henderson of Greene County, TN, land amounting to 85 acres on Lick Creek joining Thomas Jackson. Witnesses Jesse Glasscock and James C. Glasscock. General Index to Real Estate Conveyances Greene County TN Book 24 p. 321.

William A Henderson in 1860 in Greene County TN sold 230 acres to Daniel B Carter lands on both sides of Lick Creek joining Love's line; Joseph Black's line; Thomas Jackson's line; and Lester line. General Index to Real Estate Conveyances Greene County TN Book 31 p. 445.

Thomas and Elizabeth’s family (as I know them) were:

THOMAS JACKSON (b.1803/1805-TN)
sp: ELIZABETH BALCH * (b.18 Dec 1807 m.5 Dec 1829)

1)  Mary Elizabeth JACKSON (b.21 Nov 1830-Greene County,TN d.29 Jan 1904-Greenwood,SC)
 | sp: Benjamin Franklin YOE (b.Abt 1825)
 |  |- Alice YOE (b.Abt 1856 d.21 Oct 1899-Chicago,IL)
 |  | sp: J. H. BRYSON
 |  |   A)  Thomas A. YOE (b.3 Mar 1855 d.1 Jun 1932-North Augusta,Aiken County,South Carolina)
 |  |           sp: Mary Adeline  (b.1862-Tn d.12 Apr 1915-Augusta-Richmond County,GA)
| | B)  Cora "Belle" YOE (never married) (b.13 Dec 1859-Russellville,TN d.6 Apr 1951-Greenwood,Abbeville County,South Carolina)
 |  |  C)   Perry Garner YOE (b.20 Jan 1862-TN d.27 Mar 1903)
 |  |       sp: Eugenia DETONANCOUR (m.3 Feb 1890)
 |  |   D)  Benjamin Franklin "Frank" YOE Lawyer-Birmingham, AL (b.Abt 1863)
 |  |         sp: Margaret (Marguerite Amelia) MASSE
 |  |   E)  Fannie Klugh YOE (b.7 Nov 1870 d.11 May 1924)
 |  |         sp: William Daniel HARD (b.29 May 1850 d.27 Jan 1905)
 |  |   F)  William S. YOE -of Chicago (b.Abt 1873 d.26 Dec 1936-Chicago,IL)
 |  |         sp: Rosa SEYMOUR
 |  |   G)   Florence YOE
 |  |   H)   Emma YOE (died a child) (d.31 Oct 1861)
 |      I)    Lilie YOE (died a baby) (d.19 Sep 1867)

2)  James JACKSON (b.1832)   [mentioned in his father’s 1863 letter to son Granville, see below]
3)   Sarah JACKSON (b.1833)

4)   Granville T. JACKSON (b.Abt 1835-TN d.22 Oct 1887)  * [my line]
 | sp: Martha Jane DAVIS * (b.Abt 1838-SC m.9 Jul 1859 d.3 Mar 1898)
 |  |-3. Thomas Davis JACKSON (b.Mar 1863-Ninety Six,S.C. d.19 Aug 1948-Birmingham,AL)
 |  | sp: Rebecca HOPKINS (b.Oct 1865-Augusta,Ga m.21 Sep 1898 d.Sep 1927-Birmingham,AL)
 |  +-3. John W. JACKSON (b.Dec 1864-South Columbus Baptist,Columbus,GA d.Birmingham,AL)

5)   Thomas (Jr.) JACKSON (b.1837)
6)   Nancy JACKSON (b.1839)
7)   Emma Jackson/ EMILY  (b.1842)
       sp: Henry CARTER
          + Dana Lizzie CARTER
8)   Elijah (William) JACKSON (b.1844)   [mentioned in his father’s 1863 letter to son Granville, see below]
9)   Laura Lavinia JACKSON (b.1846)

If you are related to any of these children, please let me hear from you!  




GRANVILLE T. JACKSON was born about 1835 in Greene County, TN, but had moved to Abbeville District, SC by the time he married Martha Jane DAVIS on 9 Jul 1859.    He was a merchant in Ninety-Six, SC.    He died 22 Oct 1887 in Ninety-Six, SC.        Martha, born about 1838, died 3 Mar 1898, I assume in 96, as well.     She was the daughter of John Davis and Sarah Jane Pace.      Granville served in Co. G, 1st South Carolina Cavalry as a 2nd Lt.  


    Bay Mount. - Tenn
   July 23, 1863

My Dear Son Granville ~

In great haste I seat myself to write you a few lines.   Our county here at this time is in a terrible condition.  The Federals are expected here daily.   The "Tories" cutting up all.  Every Southern man in this section have been robed (robbed, sic), but myself, & I am expecting to be every night.   I believe I wrote to you before that there were only eight Southern men in this settlement, and of course we can't defend ourselves.  A large company of my own neighbors left for KY last night, and the mountains are full of them here.   If I was not a lone man, & could get about, I would not fear them any - but as it is, I think I had better try and get any stock all to some safe place.   Will you Granville try and get a leave of absence for a few weeks & come home & help me move them.  You know I cant do it myself, and if they take what little I have to feed my family on next year, I am a ruined man.  Granville come if you can, and as soon as possible, too, as I'm so anxious about my stock.  My family, I think I will leave here until I see how they treat others, then perhaps I will have an opportunity to get them away.

Your Mother is not very well,  the girls are well, all sends love.  We have not heard one word from William for some time.  James' Co suffered severely at Vicksburg.  I hear all of the Officers were killed or wounded.   

Granville if you have any love for your dear Mother,  & dear old crippled grey headed Father, I know you will try & come to my aid.

     In haste - Your Father

Write or come very soon.   

"Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six" page 494

"DAVIS (Minors)- Box 124, Pack 3649:  On May 12, 1851 Silas Ray, Rbt Y. Jones, Leroy Purdy bound unto F. W. Selleck Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $2,400.  Silas Ray made guardian of Frances E., and Martha Jane Davis - minors.  Frances E. & Martha Jane Davis sheweth that they are entitled to one share of the estate of Silas Pace decd. by virtue of an assignment made to them by their father John DAVIS of his interest in the est. of Silas Pace decd.  On Jan 11, 1870 a paper stated that Frances E. was the wife of Wm. L. McCord, Martha Jane the wife of G. T. Jackson."            [note:  Silas Pace was their great-grandfather, who died in

It should be noted that Granville’s sister, Mary Elizabeth Jackson, married Benjamin Franklin Yoe, and by 1860, they, too, were living in Abbeville District, SC.     Perhaps an explanation why Granville ends up in SC.   

1870 United States Federal Census, Long Cain, Abbeville Co, South Carolina
G. T. Jackson, age 35 - farmer
M.J.  (wife)   age 32
D.J.  (male)   age 3
J.W.  (male)   age 1

1880 CENSUS, District 14, Ninety-Six, Abbeville Co., SC
G.T. Jackson, age 44, merchant, TN/TN/TN
Martha, age 39, SC/SC/SC
Thomas, son, age 13, SC
John W., son, age 11, SC

November 19, 1882:   At the South Carolina Fair, "The Clark Flour Mills, through Capt Jno. W. Clark offered a special premium of a barrel of "Clark's Patent Flour," for the best loaf of bread baked from this brand, and Messrs. G.T. Jackson & Co. made a similar offer for the "Gold Medal" Flour.

January 1883, G.T. Jackson was present for the stockholders meeting of the Augusta and Knoxville Railroad Company, and had 10 shares of voting stock out of 3,672.  

Augusta Chronicle, January 7, 1887, discussed various business and labor concerns for the Ninety-Six area.    It was noted that  "Capt. G. T. JACKSON has sold out his grocery store to Col. J. P. Phillips, who will add it to his already large stock.   The other merchants are all fillling up.   During the forenoon of yesterday we had a snow fall of about four inches.   Sleighs and rabbit dogs are in requisition."   

Augusta Chronicle, October 25, 1887.   'CAPT. G. T. JACKSON DEAD.  NINETY-SIX, SC.  Oct 24. Special....Capt. G. T. JACKSON, a prominent citizen and director of the Carolina, Knoxville and Western railroad died at his residence in this place on Saturday evening the 22nd instant, of apoplexy."

Granville and Martha Jane had only two sons:    Thomas Davis Jackson and John W. Jackson.   

John W. Jackson never married, and is buried beside his brother at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, AL   

Son of Granville T. Jackson & Martha Jane Davis:

THOMAS DAVIS JACKSON (2 Mar 1863 Ninety-Six, SC - 19 Aug 1948 Birmingham, AL)  married Rebecca “Pet” HOPKINS on 21 Sep 1898 in Augusta, GA.   Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Newton Hopkins and Virginia DeLaigle.    Thomas & “Pet” were my great-grandparents.       Rebecca was born 6 Oct 1865 in Augusta, GA, and died 14 Sep 1927 in Birmingham, AL.    Thomas and Rebecca are buried on the McClure plot, block 17, at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham, AL.    I visit their graves often.   

Their only child, Helen Virginia Jackson (pictured above with my mother), was born 20 Jun 1899, either in Augusta , GA., where Pet’s family were, the Hopkins’ and DeLaigle’s.    - or she was born in Brunswick, GA where Thomas was working in 1900.    

Not long after Helen’s birth, Thomas was put in charge of the Western Union office in Macon, GA.   They were apparently living in Brunswick, GA at the time:   

Augusta Chronicle, March 1, 1900:   MR. JACKSON IN CHARGE.  The New Manager Says the Affairs of the Western Union are O.K.    Mr. Thomas D. Jackson, who arrived from Brunswick yesterday to take charge as manager of the Western Union Telegraph company's offices in Macon, says that as yet there has been no formal transfer of the business to his charge, but this will probably be accomplished by the first of March.  Mr. Norton has been in charge in Macon since the sad death of Mr. Arthur Kemp, and the two gentlemen yesterday went over the books and records together, with a view to turning them over to the new manager.  To a Telegraph reporter Mr. Jackson said:        "Mr. Kemp's suicide was a terrible shock to all of his friends, and I was deeply grieved to hear of it.  He was an excellent fellow.  So far as I have been able to observe, everything in connection with his office was absolutely straight and faultless.   I am unable to say how I will like the work, but I shall do my best."     Mr. Jackson will not bring his wife and child to Macon for a month yet, as he says he will have his hands full without trying to arrange for renting a home.  He will not consider these problems until after he has secured a thorough understanding of his duties in his office.   Mrs. Jackson and child came up from Brunswick yesterday, but went on to Augusta to visit relatives.  Macon Telegraph."  

In 1902, Thomas Jackson,  "Pa Pa"  (pronounced Pappa), ran the first telegraph office in Birmingham. He was a fervent believer in education, and even met with Booker T. Washington to discuss the education of blacks - something unusual for a white man in that day in the South.  He was much loved by his grandchildren.  

Birmingham News, 1928:     "MANAGER THOMAS D. JACKSON RETIRES:   Thomas D. Jackson, Manager of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company at Birmingham, Ala., for the last twenty-five years, has retired from active duty, and is succeeded by B. A. Scott, former manager at Jackson, Miss.      "T.D.", as he is familiarly known over a large section of the South, had not only witnessed the development of the city of Birmingham from a comparatively small town to one of the leading manufacturing centers of the South, but also witnessed the development of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company's business and its local force grow from a few dozen people to the several hundred now occupied at that place to handle the local and relay traffic.     Mr. Jackson has been active in church and civic affairs and in sympathy with all movements for the benefit of Birmingham and its citizens.    He is personally known to practically every business man in Birmingham, and has large circles of friends in all walks of life.   He will continue to make Birmingham his home."  

After Pet’s death in Sept, 1927, he continued to live in Birmingham with his only daughter, Helen Virginia Jackson, and her husband Robert McClure, and their children, until he died at their Grove Place home in Edgewood (a suburb city outside Birmingham), Alabama.   

OBITUARY:  Birmingham News, Friday, August 20, 1948:  FUNERAL SERVICES ANNOUNCED FOR THOMAS DAVIS JACKSON.     Services for Thomas Davis Jackson, 83, 1507 Grove Place, Homewood, will be held at 11 am tomorrow at Johns Chapel.  Mr. Jackson died yesterday at the residence.  The Rev. Trevor Mordecai will officiate at the services.  Burial will follow in Elmwood Cemetery.    A native of Ninety Six, S. C., Mr. Jackson came to Birmingham in 1902 as manager of the Postal Telegraph office.  Previously he had managed offices in Macon and Brunswick, GA.     Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Helen J. McClure, and two grandchildren: Robert McClure, Jr. and Mrs. Sam H. Sanders, Jr. (Jeanne), and three great-grandchildren, all of Birmingham.    Pallbearers will be David Charlton, William Wilson McClure, Walter McClure, Jr., Denson A. Ward, Jr. Robert McClure, Jr., and Sam H. Sanders, Jr."

Helen Virginia JACKSON was born 20 Jun 1899 in Augusta, GA or Brunswick, GA. She died 25 May 1974 in Birmingham, AL from heart disease and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery  -  McClure plot - Blk 17.
Helen was a devout Christian.  During the Depression, she thought nothing of pawning those items she inherited from the de l'Aigle plantation if her family or others were in need.  She gave most of what she had to the church and charities.   She did leave a few pieces that were inherited/passed down from her grandmother, Virginia DeLaigle Hopkins.  Robert and Helen lived in Homewood (a suburb of Birmingham). Helen Jackson McClure was "Granny" to her grandchildren.   .   

OBITUARY:   Birmingham News   May, 1974:  MRS. McCLURE:  Graveside services for Mrs. Helen J. McClure, 74, of 2112 Haden Street, who died Saturday, will be at 3:00 pm Monday at Elmwood with Valley Chapel directing.  A longtime resident of Homewood, Mrs. McClure was a member of Shades Mountain Independent Church.  She was a former house mother for Thornwell Children's Home in Clinton, S.C.   Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Sam H. Sanders Jr. (Jeanne), Birmingham.   The family suggests any memorial contributions be made to the Heart Fund."

Helen married Robert P. MCCLURE, son of Walter F. (Sr.) MCCLURE and Mary Elizabeth (Lilie) HAMPTON "Lilie”.  Robert was born 29 Oct 1894 in Lewisburg, TN. He died 15 Jun 1955 in Birmingham, AL from heart disease and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery  -  McClure plot.    He hated his middle name, and refused to give his children middle names!  
ROBERT was a contractor and also an insurance adjuster with USF&G.   Robert and Helen raised their family in the Edgewood/Homewood area of Birmingham, AL), after which they lived in West Palm Beach, FL for awhile, until he had his first heart attack, when they moved back to Birmingham.    He loved to play golf, and at a tournament May 23, 1953 beat Julius Boros, a famous golfer!   (Ginga still has the medallion from the PGA proclaiming this).     Robert was one of six children.   In his ancestry are several notables, including John Washington and Anne Pope; the Pillow family.  Many of his ancestors, including HAMPTON's and Bostick's, fought in the Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War (for the Confederacy).   A McClure nephew was a pilot killed in France during World War II.

They had the following children:
1)  Jeanne MCCLURE was born 9 Apr 1921 in Birmingham, AL and was christened 25 Jun 1921 in Bham, AL - Church On 5th Ave & 18th Street. She died 17 Nov 1999 in Birmingham, AL from congestive heart failure and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery - Sanders plot. She is buried beside her husband and stillborn son at their plot in Elmwood Cemetery.   Jeanne married Samuel Henry, Jr. SANDERS, son of Samuel Henry SANDERS and Nettie DANIEL, on 4 Oct 1940 in Birmingham, AL. Samuel was born 5 Feb 1915 in Birmingham, AL. He died 1 Aug 1993 in Birmingham, AL and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery - Sanders plot.     They had two children.  
Jeanne McClure was my  mother [note by Virginia Sanders-Mylius]

2)   Robert MCCLURE "Bobby" was born 8 May 1923 in Birmingham, AL and was christened 23 Sep 1923 in Bham, AL - Church On 5th Ave & 18th Street. He died 30 Nov 1962 in Miami, FL from cancer and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery  - Freeman plot - Bham, AL.   Bobby married Marion FREEMAN. Marion was born 1924 in Birmingham, AL.      They had 3 children.