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Complete notes and sources available upon request.

We have very little information about our early Fitzpatrick ancestors.    The earliest Fitzpatrick ancestor we can identify is Samuel Fitzpatrick, and that information is from family records, not public ones.     I have lots of miscellaneous notes about both the Fitzpatrick and the Davis family that I will happily share.   Please contact me if you have any information pertaining to this family!

Samuel Fitzpatrick is  known to have immigrated from Ireland to North Carolina with two brothers, circa 1770's;  one of these brothers was perhaps John Fitzpatrick.   In the 1790 Rowan County, NC Census,  James and John Fitzpatrick are listed.    James had 3 males over 16 years of age in his household.   John Fitzpatrick bought 50 acres on the South Yadkin River December 31, 1794; and Edward Fitzpatrick  bought 100 acres on the waters of the South Yadkin River May 6, 1794.    By 1800, the only Fitzpatrick listed in the area was “Mary.”    

 John Patrick related the following story that is perhaps about these Fitzpatrick’s:  “There was an Edward Fitzpatrick, born 16 Feb 1760 in Scotland. The story has it that he and his younger brother were kidnapped from a beach in Ireland during a summer visit. They were brought the North Carolina but were split up and never saw each other again. Edward's first son was named William (perhaps after father), and his second son was named James (perhaps after long lost brother). Edward eventually dropped the "Fitz" in his name, changing the name to "Patrick."”

Samuel married SARAH DAVIS in North Carolina.    Sarah was born ca 1766 in Rowan County, North Carolina Colony.    Sarah was related to the Morgan Davis/Sarah Reed family from Rowan County, NC, but I am not sure of the exact connection (perhaps their daughter?).  Samuel Fitzpatrick brought his family to Williamson Co, TN shortly after 1800 and around 1810 moved to Maury Co.

Children of Samuel and Sarah Davis Fitzpatrick were:
1)   Mary  (1781-2 Oct 1850)
2)   Morgan  (1782-11 Aug 1860 in Maury County, TN)  
      (Other children might have been John and Andrew)

Morgan Fitzpatrick married Rebecca Evans ( (b. 22 May 1785, d. 1 Jan 1845)) on 30 Dec 1806 in Williamson County, TN.    About 1811 Morgan moved to Giles County, TN;  but in 1813 they moved back to Maury Co and began purchasing land.  He lived next to William Holt until 1830 when he purchased land near Mooresville which was to become his home until his death.  In his will, he left the following land:  450/500 A known as the McGuiner tract on Fountain Creek to grandson, Morgan M. Fitzpatrick, son of William G. Fitzpatrick; 440 A known as the Jones tract to grandson, Wm. M. Smith; and 950 A at Mooresville, and half of the 1,000 A Wheeler Place to son Samuel Washington Fitzpatrick.  The slaves and property given to the three mentioned and a granddaughter, Mary M. Fitzpatrick, exceeded $325,000 in value.  In the inventory of his estate each slave was listed by name and age.   Both Morgan and Rebecca Evans Fitzpatrick are buried in the Fitzpatrick Cemetery in Maury Co, TN.  

Morgan and Rebecca’s children were:   

1. Morgan FITZPATRICK (b.1782 d.11 Aug 1860-Maury Co.,Tennessee)
sp: Rebecca EVANS (b.22 May 1786 m.30 Dec 1806 d.1 Jan 1845-Maury Co.,Tennessee)
 |-2. Margaret A. FITZPATRICK
 | sp: Francis J. SMITH (m.24 Mar 1834)
 |  +-3. William M. SMITH
 |-2. Andrew FITZPATRICK
 |-2. Samuel Washington FITZPATRICK (b.19 May 1812 d.2 Dec 1880)
 | sp: Mary D. LOVE (b.7 Nov 1814 m.13 Aug 1832 d.29 Jan 1880-Maury Co.,Tennessee)
 |  |-3. Amanda FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. Tom FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. Elizabeth FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. Margaret FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. Mary Virginia FITZPATRICK (bu.Morgan Fitzpatrick Cemetery,LEWISBURG HWY.,CULLEOKA,TENNESSEE)
 |  |-3. Morgan FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. Sarah FITZPATRICK
 |  |-3. John L. FITZPATRICK (b.29 Dec 1847-Maury Co.,Tennessee)
 |  +-3. Alice FITZPATRICK
 |-2. William G. FITZPATRICK (died age 20) (b.22 Jul 1826 d.3 Sep 1846)
 +-2. John H. FITZPATRICK (died Age 18) (b.15 Jun 1829 d.2 Jul 1847)

I thank Pat & Ross Evans for providing so much information about Morgan Fitzpatrick!   Morgan and Rebecca’s children were from  Mrs. Ed Fitzpatrick’s Family Bible.   Please consider sharing any information you may have about this family!   

Our direct ancestress was MARY FITZPATRICK:    

Mary "Polly" FITZPATRICK was born 1781 in Stokes County, North Carolina.   She was married 20 May 1806 in Williamson Co., Tennessee to John PILLOW, b. 1781.  Morgan Fitzpatrick stood as bondsman to the marriage.   (per Marriages of Williamson County,  TN - page 150).     In the Brick Church Cemetery, Giles Co Tennessee, the same couple is buried as: John PILLOW (born Rockingham Co., NC, born 25 March 1781; died 20 July 1854; 73 years, 3 months, 20 days) and his wife, Mary PILLOW, wife of J. PILLOW, (born Stokes Co., NC, died 02 Oct 1850; age 65 years).

Mary and John Pillow had the following children

1)   ROBERT W. PILLOW * (b.14 Dec 1809 d.1 Jul 1895-Marshall Co.,TN)
2.   Ruth Jones PILLOW (b.3 Jul 1811)
3)   Dr. Levan Crabb PILLOW (b.2 Aug 1818 d.3 Apr 1898-Cornersville,Marshall Co.,Tennessee)
4)   William R. PILLOW (d.Jul 1889-Maury Co.,Tennessee)

Robert. W. Pillow married Dorothy ANN Hall.   They had 3 children:   1)  Mary Orlena Pillow, 2) Ruth Elizabeth Virginia Pillow, and 3) Harriet E. Pillow.

Dr. Levan Crabb Pillow  married Mariah Massey.    They are buried and have a  beautiful monument in Beechwood Cemetery in Cornersville, TN.      I can find where only one child lived to adulthood, and he was:

General Ernest PILLOW, Lt. Governor of the Tennessee:  (14 May 1856 Cornersville, TN - 8 Jun         1904 Nashville, Davidson County, TN.)   (I believe all of his children died young - no descendants)  

Lt. Governor's of Tennessee:
Ernest Pillow 1895 – 1897

Tennessee, The Volunteer State, 1769-1923, Vol. 2

       Ernest Pillow, lawyer and lawmaker, was in the course of his active life a prominent figure in connection with those events which shaped the history of Nashville and the state, and when he passed away the city mourned the loss of an honored and representative citizen. Tennessee numbered him among her native sons, his birth having occurred in Marshall county, May 14, 1856, his parents being Dr. Le Van and Maria (Massey) Pillow. The father was a well known and prominent physician of Tennessee, where he practiced his profession until his death.  
      Ernest Pillow, an only child, was educated in the public and high schools until he had completed the regular course of study and then entered Lebanon College, from which he was graduated with high honors in the class of 1877, being made class orator. Soon after the completion of his preparation for the bar he was admitted to practice [p.877] and entered upon the active work of the profession in Lewisburg, Tennessee, where he remained to the time of his demise. As a lawyer he was clear-minded, well trained and displayed marked capability in the preparation and presentation of his causes before the court. His name appeared on the court records in connection with much notable litigation and he ever proved an able minister in the temple of justice. He served as United States district attorney of Lewisburg and he was an esteemed member of the Marshall County, Tennessee State and American Bar Associations. He also rose to prominence in the legislative field, serving in both the house of representatives and in the senate. He served as speaker of the former and his rulings were at all times strictly fair and impartial. In both branches of the state legislature he gave thoughtful and earnest consideration to all the vital questions which came up for settlement and his support of a measure was sure to win for it a large following from those who recognized the soundness of his judgment and the spirit of patriotic loyalty that actuated him in all of his political work. He was ever a stanch democrat, but he placed the general welfare before partisanship and the public good before personal aggrandizement.  
      On the 31st of March, 1887, Mr. Pillow was united in marriage to Miss Alice Hensley, a daughter of Henry C. Hensley, who was a prominent and well known merchant of Nashville, Tennessee, and also one of the officials of the Nashville Trust Company. Mr. and Mrs. Pillow became the parents of two children: Henry H., who was born July 29, 1890, and died February 5, 1892; and Rachael, who was born June 26, 1895, and passed away February 25, 1897. Mrs. Pillow resides at No. 1711 Broad street in Nashville and is prominent in the club and social circles of the city. Mr. Pillow and his family were members of the Presbyterian church and in that faith he passed away, his death occurring June 8, 1904, after which his remains were laid to rest in Mount Olivet cemetery. His entire life was passed in this state and the capability which he displayed in the practice of his profession and the sterling qualities which he manifested in connection with the legislative interests of the commonwealth gave him high standing and won for him deserved honor as a representative resident of Tennessee.

Vol 1 has a brief mention of ERNEST PILLOW:    "On February 5, 1895, the Senate and the House met ?in joint convention relative to vote for governor.  In this convention was considered the able and exhaustive protest of H. Clay Evans which was spread upon the minutes. The speaker of the Senate, Ernest Pillow, then opened the certified returns."

The Atlanta Constitution tells of some unpleasantness in the Hon. Ernest Pillow's career:

"PILLOW WAS PAID MONEY.   General was Given Cash to Oppose Peeler Bill.  Nashville, Tenn, February 27, 1901:    "Senator D.M. Johnson appeared before the bribery investigating committee today and denied specifically all of the rumors that have been afloat concerning him.  There were several other witnesses, including General Ernest Pillow, who confirmed the evidence as to his being paid $400 to oppose the Peeler bill before the committees."


OTHER FITZPATRICK’S:     I have wondered if John or Andrew Fitzpatrick could have been siblings of Mary and Morgan.    If you have any thoughts or information on them, please contact me.    Note that they would have been born in the 1780-1790 range, not later.   

For now, the information I have on each is:  

1. John FITZPATRICK (probably) was born Bet 1780-1790.
Celia Fitzpatrick (widow of Andrew) is listed as head of a household in Smith Co., TN in the 1820 CENSUS.    John Fitzpatrick is also listed on the same page, living almost next door.

1 male (young) - skip 2 columns = then 1 male, skip 2 colums = then 1; skip 1 column, then 1; 2nd half of page, skip first column, then 1

2 young males; skip 5 columns, then 2; skip two columns, then 1

Fitzpatrick Index in 1830 CENSUS

1830 CENSUS, Maury Co., TN
John Fitzpatrick
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 50-60
3 females under 5
2 females 5-10
3 females 10-15
1 female 30-40

John married Lucy. Lucy was born about 1788 in Virginia.

They had the following children:
2 M i. (son) FITZPATRICK.  (a son listed in 1830 Census)
3 M ii. (son) FITZPATRICK.   (a son listed in 1830 Census)
4 F iii. Mary "Polly" FITZPATRICK.
5 F iv. Nancy FITZPATRICK.
7 F vi. Ruth FITZPATRICK was born about 1835.

1. Andrew FITZPATRICK (probably)1 was born cal about 1780-1785. He died by 1822 in Maury Co., Tennessee.
"Maury County, Tn Will Books" A-E, 1807-1832.    "age 45;  Year's provision for Selah FITTSPATRICK, the wife of Andrew FITTSPATRICK, deceased.  11 Sepetmeber 1822.  Andrew SMITH, Morgan FITZPATRICK."

Maury County Wills & Settlements, Book C, page 58:    Notes belonging to estate of Andrew Fitzpatrick, deceased, on Samuel Fitzpatrick, William Smith, Robert Kerr, by Celia Fitzpatrick, executrix.  Recorded 30 Dec 1823.

Page 93:   p. 356:  Sale of property of Andrew Fitzpatrick, deceased, sold on 15 June 1822.  Buying:  Selah Fitzpatrick, Littleton Vaughan, Stephen Edward, Morgan Fitzpatrick; Selah Fitzpatrick bought most of the items.  

Page 94:   p. 361.  Inventory of estate of Andrew Fitzpatrick, deceased, 22 April 1822, by Lelah (Selah) Fitzpatrick, administrator.   (Note:  Her name was Celia Fitzpatrick)

James C. Black married Catherine H. Fitzpatrick 9/23/2828 (9/23/1828)
David Wells married  Elizabeth P.  Fitzpatrick 9/9/1836
William G.Wells married Sarah D. Fitzpatrick 6/29/1837

Andrew married Celia SMITH on 30 Nov 1811 in Davidson Co., TN. Celia was born Bet 1780-1790.
Fitzpatrick, Andrew married Smith, Celia 30 Nov 1811 Tennessee Davidson County

Celia Fitzpatrick is listed as head of a household in Smith Co., TN in the 1820 CENSUS.   John Fitzpatrick is also listed on the same page.

1 male (young) - skip 2 columns = then 1 male, skip 2 colums = then 1; skip 1 column, then 1; 2nd half of page, skip first column, then 1

2 young males; skip 5 columns, then 2; skip two columns, then 1

1830 CENSUS, Maury Co., TN
Celia Fitzpatrick
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 female 5-10
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 40-50

They had the following children:
2 M i. Andrew J. FITZPATRICK (working hypothesis) was born calculated 1818.
1840 CENSUS, Maury Co., TN
Andrew J. Fitzpatrick, head of household
2 males 20-30
1 female 15-20
1 female 20-30

1860 CENSUS, Maury Co, TN
A.J. Fitzpatrick, age 42, farmer, born in AL
Lucinda, age 41, TN
J.N., male,  age 9
C (?) F., male, age 5
M.A., female, age 2

B.F. Fitzpatrkc, age 40, farmer, born in AL
Minerva, age 33, TN
Elizabeth, age 12
Mary F., age 10
Margaret, age 9
Lucy, age 3

1870 CENSUS, Maury Co., TN
Andrew Fitzpatrick, age 62, farmer, AL/ NC/NC
Lewis I, (best I can tell!) wife, age 41, TN/NC/NC
John M., son, age 16, TN, works on farm
William Coofer, age 14, works on farm

3 M ii. B.F. FITZPATRICK (working hypothesis) was born calculated 1820.
1850 CENSUS, Maury County, TN
B.F. Fitzpatrick, age 29, born in AL
Sarah, age 28, born in TN
Celia, age 2
Mary, age 1/23 mo
Sarah D., age 33, TN                                                                                                     

Robert W. & Ann Pillow’s gravestone
Levan C. & Mariah M. Pillow’s gravestone, Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, TN  

They are also listed in the 1840 Census

1850 CENSUS, Maury Co., TN
John Fitzpatrick, age 70, farmer, born in NC
Lucy, wife, age 64, born in VA
Polly, age 21, TN
Nancy, age 19, TN
(Lees?), female, age 17, TN
Ruth, age 15, TN