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McCLURE FAMILY, continued (page 7)

The children of William E. McClure and Eleanor Ewing Purdom - Continued

Nancy Minerva McClure, born ca 1833,  was the youngest child of William E. & Nellie Purdom McClure.   She never married, and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, and her tombstone states that she died “February 29, 1896, aged about 62 years.”  

The children of William Dickson McClure and Mary Orlena Pillow

Robert McClure, “Bobby” was born 2 Jun 1853.  He died 8 Feb 1866 and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, TN.

WALTER FLAVIOUS McCLURE  was born 1 Mar 1856 in Cornersville, TN.    He married Mary Elizabeth “Lilie” Hampton on 11 Aug 1885, daughter of Manoah Bostick Hampton & Emma Jane Battle in West Sedalia (Houstonia), Mo. (where her aunt & uncle lived.)   Various city directors state that he was a contractor.     Walter died 24 Jul 1915 from a ruptured appendix.   (Walter and Lilie and their family are pictured above.)  Lilie lived for another ten years; she died 23 Jun 1925 in Nashville, TN.   They are buried next to each other at Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama, McClure plot, Block 17.  

Walter Flavious and Lilie Hampton McClure’s children were:
(pictured above)

1)  Mary Battle MCCLURE (b.30 Aug 1886 d.1979-Birmingham,AL)
     Her obituary read:   "Mrs. W. W. Walker, widow of the founder and organizer of Walker Wholesale Drug Company, died Wednesday.  She was 93.   A long time resident of Birmingham, she was born at Cornersville, Tenn.  She recently lived at Fair Haven and was a member of Canterbury United Methodist Church, was an honorary board member of the Girls Club and for many years was a volunteer worker for the Crippled Children's Clinic.  Funeral will be at 3 pm Friday at the church, with burial in Elmwood, Valley Chapel directing.

Mary married: William Watson WALKER (b.28 Apr 1882-Clay Co.,AL m.8 Jun 1910 d.1943-Birmingham,AL)
William Walker founded Walker Drug Co., in Birmingham, AL.   He was a pharmacist.   My mother, Jeanne McClure Sanders, called him "Uncle Will".     When the children were little, Uncle Bill and “Auntie” (as Mary was called by her nieces and nephews) would have all the families over the house, and he would dress up as Santa Claus.   The Walker plot is next to the McClure plot in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL.   

Mary and William Walker had two children:   
       i)  William Watson Walker, Jr. (nicknamed “Sweet Bill”)  was born 11 Apr 1911; died in 1987).   Bill married Nettie Catherine Orr (26 Nov 1913-18 Oct 2002).   They had 3 children.    

        ii)  Jean Battle Walker, was born 25 Apr 1913; she died 23 Feb 2003.    Jean Battle was very sweet and kind to me during my mother’s (her cousin)  final illness.   I’ll always remember her very fondly.   Jean married Frederick Wayman Renneker, Jr.  (9 Oct 1908 Charleston, SC; 3 Nov 1990 Bham, AL).     They had 2 children.  

Jean Battle Walker Renneker’s obituary read:         RENNEKER, MRS. JEAN WALKER, age 89, of Birmingham, AL, passed away on Sunday, February 23, 2003. Mrs. Renneker was born in Birmingham, Alabama on April 25, 1913. She was married to Frederick W. Renneker, Jr. for 53 years prior to his death in 1990. She was a member of Canterbury United Methodist Church for over 60 years. She attended Howard College (now Samford University) and transferred to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where she helped found the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Chapter. Despite her roots, she was an avid Auburn fan and supporter of the Architectural and Pharmacy Schools. She was also a member of the Birmingham Country Club. She was preceded in death by her husband of 53 years, Frederick Weyman Renneker, Jr.; son, William Walker Renneker; and granddaughter, Dee Piper Renneker.”    

2)  William Hampton MCCLURE (b.22 Jul 1889-Lewisburg,TN d.1959-Birmingham,AL).  He was called “Hampton” and Hampton sold cars at Adamson Motor Co., Birmingham, AL.   

He married  Mary BRYAN (b.1889 m.29 Nov 1911 d.1969-Birmingham,AL).   They had two children:   

     i)  William Bryan McClure (1914-1967?)  
     ii) Warren Hampton McClure (23 Apr 1920 - Jul 25 1943)  Warren died when his plane was shot down over northern Germany on the Baltic Sea during World War II.     (A picture of the “Wing & A Prayer” group provided - see below)
•  Mc Clure, Warren H  (Inducted from) Alabama;  (Rank)  Technical Sergeant;  (Combat Organization) 563rd Bomber Squadron; 388th Bomber Group;  8th Army Air Force;  (Death) Jul 25 1943;  (Monument) the Netherlands;  (Last Known Status) Missing (FOD)   (Awards)  Purple Heart Medal - Air Medal.  
•  An extract from the book the 388th at War by Ed Huntzinger for July 25th 1943 goes as follows: Mission #3, Westrow, Germany. Lt Fuller in a/c # 42-5907 563rd squadron was the first 388th Bomb Group crew to be lost in action. They went down in the North Sea on the return route after bombs away. The aircraft had been hit by flak. Lt Fuller's body was washed up on the Danish Coast (Thyborn-lemvig) on September 10th 1943 and was buried by the Germans with full military honours. The crew were on their first mission. (information provided by Dave Sarson, Curator for the 388th Collection.)   The target for the July 25th Mission of the 388th Bomber Group was Wustrow, in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea.   Warren died only a month after the squadron's arrival in Knettishall.  

3)   Walter Flavious MCCLURE , (Jr.)  (b.3 Nov 1892-West Point,TN d.1981-Birmingham,AL) “Uncle Mac” married Bessie WILSON (b.14 Mar 1898-Warrington,England d.1990-Louisianna).   We would often visit Uncle Mac and Aunt Bess, and even my son remembers them very fondly.     My mother was very close to Uncle Mac, and she grew up just a few blocks from them.    Uncle Mac was in real estate and insurance, and had an office in North Birmingham;   They lived in Norwood on 25th and 14th Street until they moved to the house on Edgewood Blvd.  Young people loved to go visit with them, with their dates, and a friend recently said  “he used to show us all kinds of tricks, slights of hand, etc.   He could also write ambidextrously, i.e. with either hand, and it was very legible.   He could also "mirror write"!!"    Aunt Bess was a warm and funny woman, who sang in the choir and worked very hard for All Saint's Episopal Church in Homewood.   They are buried next to each other at Elmwood Cemetery, beside Robert and Helen McClure.    They had two sons.   

4)  Robert P. MCCLURE * (b.29 Oct 1894-Lewisburg,TN d.16 Jun 1955-Birmingham) was my grandfather, and I can’t say that I remember him, as I was 3 when he died.    Robert was in the Tank Corp in France during World War I. (George S. Patton).   We have the "Honorable Discharge from The United States Army" for Robert McClure, discharged on June 20th, 1919.   He was a contractor and also an insurance adjuster with USF&G.   Robert and Helen raised their family in Edgewood, (a suburb of Birmingham, AL, after which they lived in West Palm Beach, FL for awhile, until he had his first heart attack, when they moved back to Birmingham.    He loved to play golf, and at a tournament in Birmingham on May 23, 1953 beat Julius Boros, a famous golfer!    After his first heart attack, the doctors made him quit playing, which Momma said was very upsetting for him..     

He married Helen Virginia Jackson  (b.20 Jun 1899-Georgia m.12 Jun 1920 d.25 May 1974-Birmingham,AL) on 12 Jun 1920 in Birmingham.         

•    Riviera Presbyterian Church sent the following resolution about my grandmother:    “A grateful Church in recognition of the faithful service of one of its members, Helen McClure, who passed away on May 25, 1974, causes to be inscribed upon the permanent record of its history the following items of great interest:   •  Helen came to Miami after her husband's death to make her home with her son and his family.  •  Helen became a vital member of Riviera Prebyterian Chruch, serving through the women of the Church in many areas, on the Board for several terms.   She also served through the Presbytery as a District Charman and was among our earliest representatives to Church Women United.   •   Helen attended Synodical Training School often, taking enough courses to be a graduate.  She taught an adult Bible Class for many years.   She was a very faithful Church Family Visitor.   Most always the first to arrive at the home or the hospital when illness, accident or death occurred.   •    After the death of her son, Robert Jr., she returned to Birmingham, Alabama to live with her daughter and family.  She served for a time as a substitute House Mother at Thornwell Home for Children.  •    We are grateful to Our Lord for letting her live and serve among us with such joy and zeal.  Her memory is our challenge.   By order of the Session of Riviera Presbyterian Church, July 1, 1974 “    

Robert and Helen had two children:   

i) Jeanne McClure (9 Apr 1921-17 Nov 1999) married Samuel Henry Sanders, Jr. (5 Feb 1915-1 Aug 1993) - and they  had two children:   my brother Samuel III, and me.... Virginia Elizabeth Sanders.   My parents are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL.  
ii) Robert McClure (Jr.) (8 May 1923-30 Nov 1962) married Marion Freeman, and they had 3 children.   Uncle Bob was regional manager and vice president of Ryder Truck Rentals.   He was a graduate of Phillips High School, a veteran of World War II, and an elder in Riviera Presbyterian Church in Miami.    •   We have 2 certificates, one signed by Pres. John F. Kennedy and one by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, whereby the United States honors the memory of Robert McClure. "This certificate is awarded by a grateful nation in recognition of devoted and selfless consecration to the service of our country in the Armed Forces of the United States.  And Ryder passed the following resolution:   “The Board of Directors of Ryder System, Inc. was advised of the untimely passing of Robert McClure, Jr., Vice President of Ryder Truck Rental, Inc.    Mr. McClure's background and long history with this organization as officer, executive, leader of men and outstanding individual were reviewed for the Board.   
     RESOLVED, That the Board of Directors of Ryder System, Inc., do hereby note on the records of the Corporation this tribute to Robert McClure, Jr., Vice President of Ryder Truck Rental, Inc., outstanding officer and employee of Ryder System, whose untimely death deprives Ryder System and each individual who knew him of the leadership, experience, ability and inspiration which he so well provided.”    

 Robert “Bobby” is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham,AL.

(further pictures below)

Walter Flavis McClure and Mary Elizabeth “Lilie” Hampton McClure
Robert McClure and Helen Jackson McClure
Jeanne McClure with “Bing”
My father   
Samuel Henry Sanders, Jr.
Robert McClure and his buddies, WW I - in France
Notes on the back of the picture:  
Sgt. Robert McClure, "Just I'm"   Co "C" - 335 Bn -
(Corp/Capt?)  Fred W. Jeffery  P.B. 332 Bn "Your Bud"
Sgt. Wartin W. Ohlson,  Co B, 332 Bn,  "Tankers Together"
Cpt. Herbert M. Micheuare/Nicheuare  (sp?) Co. C 335th Bn,   "Drunk last night and drunk the night before"
Cook Hary Marogus (sp?)  Co C 335 Bn T.C.
"Who does not like coffee with no sugar"
Sgt. John U. McConaghy    (sp?)  Co. C. 335th Bn
"Has 'Soopie' blown yet?"
Cook Louis Secondino  Co. C, 335th Bn.,  "Chow ready"
Sgt. A.J. Van Eucuce (sp?)   Co C 335 Bn
"Who's got any jave"
Corp. Frank D. Keeler    Co C 335 Bn
"From now on nothing stronger than H20?"
Corporal E.P. MacHermait (sp?)  Co. B. 332nd Bn
"Of course the Irish are here too!"  
My grandfather, Robert McClure, with 3 of his grandchildren
(while he was recuperating from his first heart attack.)
Robert McClure, Jr.
“Uncle Bob”
[my Mother’s much beloved brother]
The crew of “A Wing and a Prayer”  Warren Hampton McClure’s plane:

An extract from the book the 388th at War by Ed Huntzinger for July 25th 1943 goes as follows: Mission #3, Westrow, Germany. Lt Fuller in a/c # 42-5907 563rd squadron was the first 388th Bomb Group crew to be lost in action. They went down in the North Sea on the return route after bombs away. The aircraft had been hit by flak. Lt Fuller's body was washed up on the Danish Coast (Thyborn-lemvig) on September 10th 1943 and was buried by the Germans with full military honours. The crew were on their first mission.
All crew members except the pilot are registered as "FOD" (Finding Of Death) which means their bodies were never recovered.
* Pilot Warren H. FULLER (Serial O-794652) was from Bristol County, MA. He is buried somewhere in the US.
* Co-Pilot Thomas J. SCANLON (O-800406) was from New York County, NY. Memorialized like your relative on the Tablets of the Missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands. See www.abmc.gov  and go to "Cemeteries" ---> Netherlands, to see a link enabling you to download a booklet about the Cemetery.
* Bombardier William H. RITCHIE (O-729564) was from Salt Lake County, UT. TM Margraten.
* Navigator Frank W. KAMINSKI (O-673579) was from Bristol County, MA.  Memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing at the Cambridge American Cemetery, Cambridge, England.
* Top Turret Gunner Paul L. LE BRUN (35440527) was from Scioto County, OH. TM Margraten.
* Radio Operator Hector M. WATSON (31135349) was from Essex County, MA. TM Margraten.
* Ball Turret Gunner Lacy COLLINSWORTH (35361967) was from Starke County, IN. TM Margraten.
* Right Waist Gunner Arthur S. BOYD (37434886) was from San Diego County, CA. TM Margraten.
* Left Waist Gunner Michael J. LATTIERI (33249306) was from Blair County, PA. TM Margraten.

All my thanks to  Edouard Renière and Dave Sarson, Curator 388th Collection, for providing this information.   
Robert McClure, Jr.
“Uncle Bob”
[when he first enlisted, World War II