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Washington Family, continued (page 2)

John Wright (III) was born 30 Oct 1728 in Prince William County, died 30 Oct 1789 in Deep Creek, Surry Co., VA.  He was the son of John Wright (II) and Elizabeth Bronaugh.    Charles Hoppin, of course, wrote about John Wright, III, but I like the following account of John as written in “The Frosts and Related Families of Bedford County, TN.”

“John Wright III was the fifth generation of the Wright family in America. He appears to have been born in 1731 upon the estate of his grandfather John Wright I, between Powell's Run and Neapsco Creek, near the Potomac River, in Prince William County, about the time that county was formed from Stafford County. His grandfather had moved there from "the great house" in Westmoreland County eight or nine years previously.
      From 1741, when his uncle Francis Wright (II) sold the Wright homestead, until his marriage in 1753 John Wright III must have lived upon his father's new estate Pine View. Soon after his marriage he seems to have lived for a while upon the estate of his mother-in-law, Honor Williams, which adjoined the Wright estate and which he managed. Before April 25,1764, however, be was again living on his father's estate. On the day before that date he received a gift of 116 acres from his father. Over night he changed his mind and asked for a gift in money instead. The exchange was made to the displeasure of his father, John Wright II, who had wished that his son remain on the land.

      John Wright III married Ann Williams, daughter of Jonas and Honour Williams, in Prince William County in 1753. She was born in 1735 and died in 1825.  On July 13, 1766, John Wright III sued his mother-in-law and her other son-in law, Thomas Withers, charging that they were wasting the estate which his wife Ann Williams Wright by the will of her father, Jonas Williams, should receive at her mother's death. The matter seems to have been settled out of court and the mother-in-law then sued Thomas Withers with John Wright Ill as a witness in her behalf. All differences between John Wright III and his mother-in-law seem to have been fully reconciled; and he returned to the Williams estate, devoting himself to its needs until he moved farther north in Fauquier County to land he bought for himself in 1772.
      Meanwhile, John Wright III had engaged in general surveying and in military activities with the hope of being promoted from captain to major in the Virginia militia. He never did attain the majorship, and he was forty years of age when he was commissioned as official surveyor of Fauquier County. At that time William and Mary College was vested with the power of such appointments and commissioned him as follows: "Under the hands of President and Masters of College of William and Mary, May 17,1771, Surveyor of Fauquier County, Virginia." His age suggests that he took an examination from its faculty rather than that he attended as a student.
      It is likely that John Wright III and his brothers were educated to follow the practice of law and to maintain the ascendancy of the family in public office; but neither he nor his brothers seem to have been so inclined. One of John Wright III's boyhood playmates was John Marshall, whose rise to political achievement he might have paralleled, if he had not chosen the life of adventure in the new wilderness; but of John Wright II's children his namesake was the most independent of spirit and the least inclined to follow the conservative paths of their judicially minded and self-restrained forebears. He departed not only from the land where he was born but also from the conservative Episcopalian religion to settle in the wilderness of North Carolina and become a Baptist. During the last year of his residence in Fauquier County, Virginia, John Wright III showed his first signs of becoming independent in religious matters. His leaving the Episcopal church may have had some effect upon his social life even in associations with close relatives and may have contributed to the causes of his removal to North Carolina.
      On October 24, 1774, John Wright III sold his Fauquier County estate and departed soon afterwards with his family for their new home in Surry County, North Carolina. It is assumed that the journey took place in November while water was low at the various fords of the streams along the way and before cold weather had set in. It assumed also that Captain Wright and his older sons had previously made a visit to the place and had prepared in advance for the comfort of his large family during the winter.
      Since there were no grants of land in Surry County by the State of North Carolina prior to 1778, John Wright III appears to have helped himself to land, entered the fact with the entry taker, and applied later for a survey and grant. He acquired large tracts of land in southeastern Surry County which later became a part of Yadkin County. Several of the later acquisitions of land seem to have been for development by members of his large family of eighteen children; but this foresight on the part of John Wright III did not prevent a number of his children from migrating westward as will be seen later. For a number of years John Wright III and his neighbor John Elsberry had control of taxation in Surry County. Elsberry wrote out the lists of taxable property, and John Wright III assessed the estates.
      John Wright III was about forty-five years of age when the Revolution broke out, and he had about sixteen children at the time. Proof of his Revolutionary service in Smith's Company, 4th North Carolina Regiment, is found in a letter signed by H. F. McCain, the Adjutant General, addressed to C. A. Hoppin, Raleigh, North Carolina, August 27, 1917. He has been accepted as an eligible ancestor by the Daughters of the American Revolution and by the Sons of the American Revolution. Miss Vessie Riley of Greensburg, Indiana, who was accepted into D.A.R. membership in 1907 (No. 63470), seems to have been the first to qualify as his descendant. Of more interest to the closer relatives of the writer, however, is the membership of Elizabeth Frost Reed (No.199012) whose collection of family records was one of the writer's earliest sources of such information. William Richard Wright, of Jackson, Mississippi, became a member of S.A.R. (No.23227) as a descendant of John Wright III.
      In spite of his previous military experience and title of Captain in the Virginia militia before his removal to North Carolina, John Wright Ill's Revolutionary service was as a private. At least he is so listed on the D.A.R. Roll of Honor at Valley Forge. His length of service seems to have been relatively short. This may be explained by a quotation from the 1849 diary of John Wright Ill's granddaughter Nancy Riley Clark: "While serving in the war, he took a violent cold that settled in his lungs and eventually caused his death."
      It was on October 30, 1789, at the age of about fifty-eight, when John Wright III died. He may have been buried on his own land. If not, he probably was buried in the church yard of the Flat Rock Baptist Church, known then as Petty's Meeting House, more than a mile to the east of the Wright estate, or in the yard of the much closer Elsberry Chapel. The latter chapel was founded near the ford of a branch of the North Fork of Hunting Creek by John Elsberry, John Wright's neighbor and his daughter Agatha's father-in-law. These and other landmarks used to designate the location of the Wright homestead fall within the boundaries of the present Hamptonville Community, of western Yadkin County.
      Twenty-two days before he died, John Wright III dictated and signed his will. The writer read with much interest the record of this will in the Surry County courthouse in Dobson, North Carolina, on June 10, 1958 (Surry County Will Book 2, pp.161-162). The plantation on which John Wright III lived was left to his wife Anne, who survived him about thirty-six years. The exact date of her death is not known, but it occurred in 1825 in her ninetieth year. John III and Anne Williams Wright were the parents of eighteen children. In his will John Wright III named six married daughters-Lezebeth Arnold, Nancy Elliot, Agatha Elsberry, Amelia Martain, Lucretia Petty, and Frances Riley; six sons-Thomas Wright, Daniel Wright, John Wright, William Wright, James Wright, and Williams Wright; and six unmarried daughters Sally, Rosey, Patsy, Sukky, Peggey, and Polley.


Daniel Wright was born 27 Sep 1759 in Fauquier Co., VA; died 24 May 1838 in Madison County, AL.    He was the son of John Wright, III and Ann Williams, their second son and fifth child.   Many of our families were in Madison County, AL/north Alabama,  so it was no surprise to see Daniel and his family there.   Our Hampton’s and Battle’s were there, just to name a few,  many of them coming from Virginia through North Carolina.    

Daniel was a captain in the North Carolina Line during the Revolution (Pension Certificate No.13268).   He came south with the family in 1774.   

On January 24, 1782, he married Nancy Young, daughter of Thomas Young of Iredell County, North Carolina. She was born in Virginia, July 7, 1762, and died in Madison County, Alabama, June 23, 1833.  

In 1784, they moved to Laurens District, SC & he served from there in the SC State Legislature.  He owned a plantation near Young's Store in Laurens County.    The Yadkinville County Historical Land Grant map shows that he received a Grant in 1789 on Rocky Branch Creek about three miles from his father's land.   In the records of Madison County, Alabama,  as filed in Huntsville, Alabama, Daniel is recorded with having land in Township 2 by 1809.    One often repeated quote says “Their reports to the kin back home in North Carolina may have induced other close members of the family to follow in 1817.”   Daniel Wright was the first clerk of the court, (in Moulton, AL) but under an appointment by the commissioners court.  John Gallagher was the first elected clerk of court.     On December 16, 1828, Daniel and Nancy Wright signed a deed of land to Jesse Stone for 164 acres;  recorded Madison County. Deed DB pg 497.   

"In Revolutionary Soldiers of Alabama" compiled by Ala. Department of Archives and History, the record of Daniel Wright is given as follows:   “Aged 75 and a resident of Madison County;  Captain N. C. Continental Line and Militia;  enrolled on June 12, 1833 under act of Congress of June 7, 1832 payment to date $480;  sun received to date of publication of list $1,200.   Rev. Pension Roll in Vol XIV, Sen Doc 514, 23rd Cong 1st Sess 1833-34."

Daniel Wright made his will July 2, 1837.  In it he named sons Thomas, John, and Daniel W. and daughters Nancy Shackleford and Lucinda Wyche. He had another daughter, Elizabeth, the first wife of Thomas McCrary.   Her three daughters Evalina, Eliza, and Lucinda were named in Daniel Wright's will as his grandchildren.    I have not seen a transcript of this will, but would like to!  

WASHINGTON ANCESTRY, Vol. I, page 453, by Charles A. Hoppin, states that Daniel and Nancy were the parents of twenty-four children, so stated by a great-grandson, Dr. William R. Wright of Jackson, Mississippi, on Dec. 8, 1919.
I have not researched these children.... As stated, I’ll leave that to the experts!   

1. Thomas Wright, born Dec. 15, 1782 Surry County North Carolina, died Feb. 14, 1844, in Laurens County, South Carolina. He owned a plantation near Young's Store in Laurens County. He was married Sept. 22, 1812, Laurens County, South Carolina to Nancy Simpson, born Dec. 22, 1794, died March 19, 1880. She was the daughter of Col. John Simpson and Mary Wells. They had twelve children, all born in Laurens County, South Carolina.
2. Daniel Wright, No further information
3. Nancy Wright married Mr. Shackleford. No further information.
4. Lucinda/Lucy Wright married Mr. Wyche. No further information.
5. Elizabeth/Betsy Wright was born 12 Apr 1793, died 10 May 1821. She married Thomas McCrary. He married second, Nancy Wright who was his first wife's cousin and daughter of Williams Wright and Sally Mitchell.  Elizabeth and Thomas had three daughters (a son died young). He died Aug. 31, 1865.
6. Amelia Wright, no further information
7. James Wright, no further information
8. John Wright, born Sept. 19, 1790, in Surry County (now Yadkin) and died January 2, 1847, in Tate County, Mississippi. He married May 5, 1819, to Mary Yarrell Wood, born Oct. 31, 1803, and died 1865 in Tate County. There is a record of one child; there may have been others.
9. William Wright married Nov. 9, 1804, Betsy Hanes.

"The family graveyard of Daniel Wright is in splendid condition today and bears witness to the sterling worth of this old pioneer.   A very beautifully built solid masonry wall surrounds it, and fitted into this wall is a large polished stone;  carved in script lettering is the following inscription:

   "The earth within these walls is dedicated to the dead therein."  There are very few stones inside the walls but all inscriptions on them may be easily deciphered.....  His stone reads:

       To the memory of
       Major Daniel Wright
      The Patriot of 76
       The kind Husband
   Father and Philanthropist
      Born Sept 27th
        A. D. 1759
      Departed this life
        May 24, 1838


Elizabeth “Betsy” Wright was born 12 Apr 1793 in North Carolina, was the daughter of Capt. Daniel Wright and Nancy Young.  She died 10 May 1821 in Madison County, AL     She married Maj. Thomas McCrary 23 Sep 1812 in Madison County, AL.      Maj. Thomas McCrary was born 17 Jan 1789 in South Carolina; died 31 Aug 1865 in Madison County, AL.      Tyler's Quarterly, "Wright Family of Madison County, Alabama:”    The following records were copied from the BIBLE of Thomas McCrary, and the Bible, still intact, is in possession of his granddaughter, Hattie McCrary, who lives in the old home."

"Thomas McCrary born Aug 12, 1786 - and was married to Betsy Wright 23rd Sept 1812 and my wife Betsy Wright was born 12th April 1793."   

Children of Betsy Wright and Thomas McCrary:
1) James Alfred McCrary born 1813, died 1820
2) Nancy Evalina McCrary b Jan 1815 - married a Mr. Eastland much to the grief of her Father.  He did not forgive her for years but the reconciliation was finally effected by his second wife.
3) Lucinda McCrary, born 21 July 1819 married Mr. Cloyd
4) Mary Elizabeth McCrary - called Eliza - born Jan 23rd 1817, married Joe Battle of Madison County and had:
  a)  Jay who married Katie Robinson
  b)  Tommie, who married Dr. John Hampton - his second wife.
  c)  Emma, married Manoah Hampton
  d)  Margaret, married Mr. Horton
  e)  Mac, married Dr. Tolliver
  f)  a son who died unmarried.   

Nancy Wright my second wife was born 16th December 1804 and married 23rd Nov 1823
6) Williams Wright McCrary was born 17 Oct 1827

Betsy McCrary died 10th May 1821
Col. Williams Wright departed this life 2 July 1825
Thomas McCrary departed this life 31st Aug 1825 "

There was another McCrary Bible record very like the other only that it contains the records of the Williams Wright family.  As stated above, Thomas McCrary married Nancy Wright, oldest child of Williams and Sally (Mitchell) Wright.  They were married only two years before the death of Williams and his wife.  The McCrarys made a home for these children and reared them as their own."        

"From Whence We Came":     Thomas McCrary was buried beside his first wife, Betsey, in the cemetery on the Daniel Wright plantation in the NE 1/4 Sec. 26 Tswp 2S R1E.  It is about 1/2 mile, as the crow flies, from the old homestead and a short distance off the road as you go back to the Öld Winchester Road.  According to the book, several years ago Alice McCrary Thomas had the body or the dust of Thomas removed and placed beside Nancy's grave in the SW 1/4 of Sec. 14 Twsp 2S R1E.   This is across the road from the home of Nancy's parents.

Buried in the same Wright family graveyard as his wife, Betsy.  Their tombstones read:
      To the memory of                   Betsy McCrary
      Thomas McCrary                      was born
                  Born                           12th April 1793       
         Jan 17 1789                       Departed this life
      Departed this life                   10th May 1821
        Aug 31, 1865

These are some of the descendants of Maj. Thomas McCrary, with both Elizabeth and Nancy Wright:

1. Maj. Thomas * MCCRARY (b.17 Jan 1789-South Carolina d.31 Aug 1865-Madison Co,AL)
sp: Elizabeth (Betsy) * WRIGHT (b.12 Apr 1793 m.23 Sep 1812 d.10 May 1821-Madison Co,AL)
 |-2. Mary Elizabeth MCCRARY * (b.23 Jan 1817-Madison Co,AL d.20 Dec 1870)
 | sp: JOSIAH DAVIS BATTLE (b.18 Sep 1811-North Carolina m.20 Dec 1837 d.2 Jan 1864-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |-3. Margaret Elizabeth BATTLE (b.2 Nov 1838 d.3 Sep 1878)
 |  | sp: Mr. Rhoda Van HORTON
 |  |-3. EMMA JANE * BATTLE (b.17 Aug 1840-Meridianville,(Madison County),AL d.7 Jun 1882-Lawrence County,AL)
 |  | sp: MANOAH BOSTICK (II) HAMPTON (C.S.A.) (b.16 Apr 1835-Leighton,Colbert C.,AL m.31 May 1860 d.2 Mar 1915-Leighton,AL)
 |  |  |-4. Cynthia Mitchell HAMPTON (b.12 May 1861-Huntsville,AL d.5 May 1937-Pasadena/Los Angeles,CA)
 |  |  | sp: Arthur Wallace SIAS   (b.7 Jun 1855 m.30 Oct 1907 d.2 Aug 1928-Pasadena,California)
 |  |  |-4. * MARY ELIZABETH "Lilie" HAMPTON (b.6 Sep 1863-Leighton,AL d.23 Jun 1925-Nashville,TN)
 |  |  | sp: WALTER FLAVIS (Sr.) MCCLURE * (b.1 Mar 1856-Cornersville,TN m.11 Aug 1885 d.24 Jul 1915-Birmingham,AL)        (our line.... further information available for anyone who is interested)
 |  |  |-4. Dr. Thomas McCrary HAMPTON (b.9 Jun 1865-Leighton,AL)
 |  |  | sp: Anne Mackintosh CAMERON (b.14 Feb 1875-Vermont m.7 Oct 1895)
 |  |  |-4. Emma Battle HAMPTON (b.14 Jul 1869-Leighton,AL d.12 Jun 1959-Los Angeles,CA)
 |  |  | sp: James Theodore WOOD (b.4 Feb 1865-Illinois m.21 Jul 1894 d.29 Mar 1935-Meagher County,Montana)
 |  |  |-4. Matilda Parberry HAMPTON (b.26 Jul 1873 d.30 Jan 1953-Helena,Montana)
 |  |  | sp: Gideon Kennedy SPENCER (b.21 Oct 1873-Canyon Ferry m.16 Oct 1902 d.Aft 1953)
 |  |  |-4. Manoah Bostick (III) HAMPTON (b.14 Aug 1877-Alabama d.1 Dec 1957-Los Angeles,CA)
 |  |  | sp: Eva HARTFIELD (b.23 Dec 1884-Minnesota m.16 Nov 1911 d.2 Jul 1974-Los Angeles,CA)
 |  |  +-4. Brock Chilton HAMPTON (b.15 Sep 1880 d.5 Sep 1960-Los Angeles,CA)
 |  |    sp: Anna Edith BOITANO (b.24 Nov 1886-Mayfield,CA m.31 Jul 1918)
 |  |-3. Jacob William BATTLE (b.May 1843?)
 |  | sp: Katie ROBINSON (b.Dec 1845)
 |  |  |-4. B.A. BATTLE (b.Sep 1871)
 |  |  |-4. Jos. R. BATTLE (b.May 1872)
 |  |  |-4. Katherine BATTLE (b.Jul 1880)
 |  |  |-4. Chester Ernest BATTLE (b.14 Oct 1883-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |  +-4. Joanna BATTLE (b.Apr 1885)
 |  |-3. Mary Thomas BATTLE (b.21 Feb 1844 d.May 1884)
 |  | sp: Dr. John Placibo HAMPTON (b.22 Jan 1825-Lawrence County,AL m.1868 d.8 Jun 1907-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |-3. Lucinda Battle (died a child) BATTLE (b.20 Aug 1846 d.18 Oct 1850)
 |  |-3. Elizabeth McCrary BATTLE (b.Abt 1849)
 |  | sp: Dr. TOLLIVER
 |  |-3. Cullen Wright (died an infant) BATTLE (b.23 Jul 1854 d.23 Aug 1854)
 |  +-3. Josiah Davis II BATTLE (b.10 Apr 1858 d.30 Apr 1882)
 |-2. James Alfred (died a child) MCCRARY (b.4 Jul 1813 d.13 Aug 1820-(7 yrs 1 mo))
 |-2. Nancy Evelina A. MCCRARY (b.28 Mar 1815)
 | sp: Orville EASTLAND (m.8 Apr 1835)
 |  |-3. Wiilliam H. EASTLAND
 |  | sp: Harriet HUNTER (m.5 Sep 1864)
 |  |  |-4. Olivia EASTLAND
 |  |  |-4. Mackie EASTLAND
 |  |  |-4. Howard H. EASTLAND
 |  |  +-4. John B. EASTLAND
 |  |-3. Thomas M. EASTLAND (b.Abt 1844)
 |  |-3. Exine EASTLAND (b.Abt 1847)
 |  +-3. Joseph E. EASTLAND (b.Abt 1854)
 |-2. Lucinda MCCRARY (b.21 Jul 1819)
 | sp: James B. CLOYD (m.22 Apr 1840)
sp: Nancy WRIGHT (m.22 Nov 1823)
 +-2. Williams Wright MCCRARY (b.17 Oct 1827)
   sp: Alice ELETT
    |-3. William Elett MCCRARY
    +-3. Emma MCCRARY (b.Abt 1859)
As always, I hope any descendants will contact me!